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Albeit with a striking capability, Ye Chen could not withstand consistent battles. Each time he beat up a disciple, more cuts showed up, which stained his robe.

"Your strength will drain." Xiong\'er gnashed teeth and clenched his fists.


Clatters of weapons filled the platform.

Vigorous, he still fought and maimed several lineal disciples.



The disciples of the Diyang and Renyang Peaks looked sulky.

Each of them, outstanding and placed hope on, was defeated by Ye Chen albeit a higher cultivation base.

The progress of the battle spread to the two peaks.

"Useless…All of you!" Ge Hong was enraged for all his lineal disciples, whom he instructed himself, were defeated by a disciple at the Qi condensation stage.

Also in wrath after hearing the report, Immortal Qingyang never imagined Ye Chen was so strong and even doubted the correctness of his strategy that his lineal disciples were asked to finish close training in advance.

Zhong Laodao from the Tianyang Peak, however, was remorseful.

He sat beside a slanting tree and cursed, "I\'m so blind! A genius is missed."

He was not revengeful.

Although some of his disciples and Ye Chen were opponents, Zhong Laodao was neither narrow-minded nor plotted against Ye Chen.

If his disciples also challenged Ye Chen, who knew how many of them could return alive.

"Dear me!" He covered his aged face with heartache.


Another disciple from the Diyang Peak was thrown on the platform by Ye Chen.

"How many disciples he defeats?" One of the onlookers asked.

"Fifteen." Someone sighed.

"Over half the challengers are beaten up!"

"But Ye Chen is no better than them."

Most cast a look at the platform.

Bloody and nastily wounded, Ye Chen staggered several times and nearly collapsed on the platform. His vital energy was almost used up although he possessed elixir sea.

"Hey, let\'s go. You can\'t sustain any longer." Xiong\'er reminded him below the platform in a hurry.

Ye Chen nodded and realized he would mostly die here if go on fighting.

What\'s more, the former challengers were disciples between the fifth to the seventh level of the human core stage. But the left ones reached the eighth to ninth of the human core stage and two of them even entered the true Yang stage.

He would pay a big price for defeating a cultivator at the eighth level of the human core stage, albeit with such a capability.

Ye Chen twisted around.

But a disciple from the Diyang Peak came towards him.

With slim and mean lips and a rouge-face, the elegant disciple looked feminine holding a spirit jade fan in hand.

"I\'m Xu Hang. Nice to meet you." The disciple bowed with hands folded in front.

A silver needle thinner than hair shot in alert Ye Chen at this second.

The poison spread fast inside his body.

His skin darkened revolving around the needle at a rapid rate.


Blood spurting, Ye Chen wobbled and nearly fell down.

"You dare to poison me in the duel." He cast a gruff look at Xu Hang.