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Blood pumping out of his mouth, the disciple was beaten far from the platform like a sandbag, hit the ground and left a pit there.


"So…soon!" The onlookers did not figure out what happened yet.

Two lineal disciples from the Renyang Peak were defeated without applying splendid mystiques or secretive skills.

"Ye Chen, you deserve to die." Another disciple from the Renyang Peak careered towards Ye Chen.

"Yellow Mountain Oppression." The smart disciple used a mystique at first, not Ye Chen\'s equal.

"I once beat up cultivators at true core stage. Do you think I\'m afraid of you?" Ye Chen charged forward, broke the oppression with left hand, and punched the disciple to back with his right hand.

"Vine Constraints." The disciple linked his hands while stepping back.

Many vines germinated from the ground and twined around Ye Chen like swimming snakes. No doubt, this disciple was wood in nature.


Unsheathing the Crimson Cloud Sword, Ye Chen chopped off the vines, careered towards the disciple and ripped him .

"Soil shield." The disciple escaped underground.

"Get the hell out!" Ye Chen waved arms in a bellow and pounded the platform.


As the platform quaked, the disciple was thrown out by the force.

Ye Chen moved fast like a gust of wind and grabbed one leg of the disciple before he fell on the ground.

Ye Chen\'s adept skills were applied.


The disciple was plunged on the ground and injured seriously the same as other challengers.

"One more...wounded." Numerous onlookers sighed as if used to Ye Chen\'s moves.



Two traces of energy swords shone the platform, and the disciples from the Diyang Peak rushed there.



Pacing back rapidly, Ye Chen brandished his sword and crushed the energy swords. Rolling smoke from one disciples\' mouth enveloped the platform and clouded the onlookers\' eyes.




Undoubtedly, the fight turned white-hot.

"It\'s hallucination smoke. Can Ye Chen get rid of it?"

"It\'s said that lots of superior disciples suffer from it."



A roar from the platform ended the discussion below.

A bloody figure flew out, and fell on the ground. He passed out.

"He must be beaten to half death."

The smoke evaporated and Ye Chen showed.

"He\'s hurt." Xiong\'er noticed one bleeding cut on Ye Chen\'s back and one on his shoulder.

"Consume his energy." The disciples from the Diyang Peak took action without giving Ye Chen anytime to react.

The battle began again.

Ye Chen did not expect that these strong disciples from the Diyang Peak with multiple secretive skills were hard to fend off.

More wounds increased on his body.

"Kill!" One lineal disciple from the Renyang Peak threw himself on Ye Chen and applied mystiques immediately.

Other lineal disciples from the two peaks continued rushing to the platform.

They cornered Ye Chen to death with various mystiques. And the latter challengers were more powerful.