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Tang Chao\'s arm hurt badly by the force.

He thought he was superior to Ye Chen\'s, however, his cultivation base and fighting capability which he prided himself on were crushed by Ye Chen.

He knew nothing about the world during the close training.

A day ago, his master asked him to finish the training, and he learned something recently. Self-conceited, he belittled Ye Chen and thought he was a little stronger than a common disciple at the Qi condensation stage.

Now, he realized that Ye Chen, the intern disciple, possessed striking fighting capability and was not that simple.


Ye Chen uplifted his sword at a fast rate.

With a tap of his feet, Tang Chao ducked and backed.

"Leave." Yelling, Ye Chen threw the sword into the sky, and the sword tip aimed at Tang Chao.

Tang Chao blocked away the sword shooting towards.

Before he took next step, Ye Chen charged forward like a lion and applied the Beast Wrestle.

Like beasts, Ye Chen changed his moves and used all the joints as his weapons.



Each movement was with roars of beasts.

"It\'s said Qi Hao was beaten up by this fighting strategy." Other lineal disciples communicated secretively.

"The fundamental fighting skills are so amazing."

"That\'s why junior brothers lost."


Defeated, Tang Chao bellowed continuously with fists and palm prints on his body.

As a cultivator at the fifth level of the human core stage, he had no chance to apply his vital energy, because Ye Chen interrupted him each time when he was about to use mystiques.


Ye Chen grasped one of Tang Chao\'s arms and plunged him on the tough platform hard, on which left a human-shaped pit.

That was one of his routine strategies. He gained pleasant sensation never experienced from throwing the proud person on the ground, and.


Tang Chao screamed hysterically. Next second, his body was swung by Ye Chen.


Tang Chao hit on the platform hard with inner organs displaced, blood pumping from his mouth. No matter how high his cultivation was, he was dying now.

"Marvelous!" The onlookers twitched their mouths.

"Tang Chao is maimed before using his mystiques?"

"How awesome Ye Chen is!"

"Bastard, you stop!" Other lineal disciples from the Renyang Peak could not stand by any longer, they careered towards the platform with glistening swords.

"Shameless." Xiong\'er cursed loudly under the platform, "Third party is disallowed to intervene in the battle on the platform. You\'re gonna to ignore the rules?"

However, his bellow did not slow down the disciple, but speeded him up. The sword of the disciple pointed at Ye Chen\'s spine.

Chill wind blowing at his back, Ye Chen swung Tao Chao away, sprang three zhangs far like a tiger and bounced back by the resort of the ground as a lion.


As blood spurted, the disciple\'s sword did not stab Ye Chen, but prodded a bleeding hole on Tang Chao\'s body.

"Shit." The disciple snorted.

"You deserve to die." As a cold voice arose mingled with icy wind, Ye Chen rushed towards the disciple, and infused the Yang energy along with the refined torrents of spiritual energy into his fingers.

"One Yang Finger." He stretched and pointed.

A bleeding hole was jabbed on the disciple\'s shoulder. Ye Chen moved rapidly and the disciple had no time to react after accidentally wounding Tang Chao.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

The disciple had no chance the counterattack. Ye Chen\'s palm hit squarely on his chest, thunder sounding.


He coughed up blood and wobbled backwards.

Mountain Wrestle Fist!

Ye Chen followed the disciple closely with the Fast Virtual Shadow and the disciple was beaten hard without steadying himself.