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Sun rose in a blink.

After nine hours, his comprehension of staff and sword skills were more thorough. Albeit the primary stage, he did took the first step and needed more practice in the future.

At dawn, Xiong\'er walked into the little spiritual garden.

"What!" He saw vigorous Ye Chen upon arrival.

Four days ago, Ye Chen had been blasted to half death. Now, he not only recuperated but also revitalized. Xiong\'er was impulsive to slice one piece of Ye Chen\'s flesh to study.

"How marvelous you are!" He looked Ye Chen up and down in excitement.

"Don\'t say that. I\'ll be proud." Ye Chen lowered head and fished out a storage bag from his chest, "Here\'re the spirit stones. I pay you back."

"Only three hundred thousand? Where\'s the interest?"

"Is there any interest?"


Xiong\'er came to Ye Chen not for chatting but to present him an ancient volume in chest.

"One Yang Finger?" Ye Chen glanced at the three characters on it, which was bid by Clan Xiong in the auction of the Ghost Black Market.

He rubbed hands with blazing eyes.

"You wanna learn?" Xiong\'er asked.


"How about washing marrow for my wife…"

"I take charge of it." Ye Chen thrust his hand into Xiong\'er\'s chest, took out the volume and slipped into his room.

He could not wait to open it.

"Refine the Yang energy and pool it at one finger."

He saw the words at his first sight.

After reading the volume, he realized that the skill was not complicated. Strong penetration would came into being after trying best to refine the Yang energy and gathering it on finger tip.

Time passed quickly while he dimmed into reading.

Night fell.

He collected the volume in flickering candle light.

"The gathering and breakout of energy should be completed in an instant. The skill is powerful once applied."

Whispering, he recalled that those capable of this kind of skills always jabbed a bleeding hole on his body. He had been interested in such mystiques since then.

The One Yang Finger really benefited him a lot.

With the instructions in mind, he activated the true energy in his elixir sea, refined the energy by true fire and pooled all the Yang energy on fingers quickly.

His fingers brightened with spirit light revolving and traces of flames lingering around.

"Very well." Ye Chen looked at his fingers smilingly. It was easy for him to stab a bloody hole with them.

The moment he summoned his thought, he shrugged off the energy, turned over and jumped out of his room.



The swinging Tianque Sword pierced the air.


The sword was planted on the ground. He ran all his spiritual energy and pooled them in his palm, thunder sounding.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Air vibrated because of his powerful palm. He twisted around, practiced the Mountain Wrestling Fist and stretched his body. The purple sword intent penetrated the wall.

"One Yang Finger." Finally, he triggered his thought, gathered the refined Yang energy above his fingers and pointed at a tough rock nearby.


The rock remained still, but a finger-sized hole was prodded on it like jabbing a piece of tofu.

"Whatever the battle is, I can win with the finger."