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At night, Ye Chen sat in lotus position in the room.

As he practiced the skill of burning sky, his back smoked.

The skill was used to refine bones and marrow, build meridians, purify blood and grind flesh. The mutilated flesh was renewed by the fresh one.

His comprehension of the skill, a good way to cure injuries, went more profound.

The night was not serene.

Immortal Qingyang and Ge Hong were opponents, but they gathered on a mountain.

"What? You want to assassinate Ye Chen!" Ge Hong flicked a mocking look at Immortal Qingyang, and was glad to see his dishonor.

"The disciples will get even with him." Immortal Qingyang answered flatly.

"You mean…"

"We cooperate! Ask the disciples in close training to come out. No matter how strong Ye Chen is, he can\'t endure continuous challenges of our two peaks."

Ye Chen sat there for three days.

Xiong\'er came several times but did not disturb Ye Chen when seeing him healing. He just sent some spirit medicine to cure Zhang Fengnian and connected Hu Wa\'s broken meridians by a secretive method.

At the forth night, Ye Chen exhaled some turbid air and opened his eyes slowly.

The wounds on his back evaporated and the new meridians and bones were softer than ever.

"How awesome the skill of burning sky is." Ye Chen swayed his stiff body, pushed the door open and walked to the outside.



In the garden, Hu Wa tirelessly brandished the black iron staff in sweat.


He stopped in a hurry when seeing Ye Chen, "Big brother, why you get up? Your wounds…"

"I\'ve recovered."Smiling, Ye Chen took out the Tiangang Staff Skill and passed it to him.

Hu Wa glanced it with sparkling eyes, "Mystiques about staff."

"Staff skill is hard to practice, let alone staff mystiques. You learn from the volume first and I\'ll seek better ones for you." He stroked Hu Wa\'s head, "Practice makes perfect."


Hu Wa hastened to nod, "I\'ll remember each word you say. I\'ll work hard and not disgrace you."

"Go to rest! Practice tomorrow."

"Alright." Hu Wa, the honest boy, went back to his room with the ancient volume and staff in arms. He must be too ecstatic to sleep.

Ye Chen fished out Lv Zhi\'s storage bag, whose content he did not check yet after return.

The bag was upside down and its belongings all poured out.

"How wealthy Lv Zhi was!" He flicked tongue.

Apart from a great deal of spirit liquid and spirit tools, only the spirit stones valued nearly two hundred thousand. The other items were worthy of more than three hundred thousand.

To his disappointment, no volumes about mystiques or skills existed. The little purple gold gourd did not capture any treasure.

"Alright!" He sighed and collected away items expect spirit tools.


The Crimson Cloud Sword in combination with the spirit tools were enwrapped by the true fire. Ye Chen intended to infuse the essence of the spirit tools into the sword.

Three hours later, he collected the true fire.

As more essence was refined, the sword sharpened and buzzed in his hand.

"Good sword." Ye Chen burst into laughter, stepped forward and waved it.

He created a set of sword skills based on the Tiangang Staff Skill emerging in his brain.