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The face of Immortal Qingyang burned.

Being taught a lesson by a peer humiliated Immortal Qingyang. But what Daojie said made sense. He should be responsible for Qi Hao\'s arrogance, which resulted in today\'s trouble.

Honestly, one\'s achievement depended upon himself not his master. It was disgraceful to develop a disciple like Qi Hao.

Taking a deep breath, Immortal Qingyang oppressed his anger again and threw one purple storage bag on the ground, "Release Qi Hao."

Ye Chen did not move immediately, but winked at Xiong\'er.

"I see." Xiong\'er jumped on the platform swiftly, picked up the storage bag and peeked inside, nodding, "A hundred thousand."

"Immortal Qingyang gives in!" A hundred thousand spirit stones went beyond the astounded onlookers\' imagination.

"Release him." Immortal Qingyang bellowed.

"Your disciple hasn\'t told me the whereabouts of Zhang Fengnian." Ye Chen shrugged.

Enraged, Immortal Qingyang infused a trace of vital energy into fainted Qi Hao.

Qi Hao slowly opened his eyes.

He saw Immortal Qingyang, the saving straw, "Master, save me!"


Immortal Qingyang lifted his arm in wrath and smacked Qi Hao, "Bastard, where did you hide Zhang Fengnian?"

Puzzled, Qi Hao answered, "The mountains behind the sect."

He passed out after the reply.

"Now, you can release him." Immortal Qingyang flicked an icy look at Ye Chen.

Once upon a time, he laughed at Ge Hong, the biggest laughing stock on the Wind and Cloud Platform.

Now, no better than Ge Hong, he was more dishonored. The spirit stones paid for Ye Chen was a hundred times more than that of Ge Hong. He would be satirized by the chief masters of the other two peaks.

"Alright." Ye Chen did not release Qi Hao, but blinked at Xiong\'er again.

Scrupulous, he only confirmed after check.

"Clear." Xiong\'er understood without further explanation.

He swayed his stout body and scuttled to the mountains.

"Sect elder, don\'t blame me. It\'s better to be cautious." Ye Chen smiled at Immortal Qingyang, "You\'d better expect Zhang Fengnian and the eagle alive. Otherwise, a million can\'t save Qi Hao."

"You\'d better remember what happened today. Someone will get even with you." Immortal Qingyang was straightforward.

"You can take my cheap life anytime you want."

Xiong\'er returned in a short time and dragged a cloud cluster with Zhang Fengnian and the eagle on it.

Ye Chen was relieved to see they still breathed. But the sight of their bloody injuries brimmed his eyes with cold flashes.

"Take him away!" Furious, Ye Chen plunged Qi Hao, who coughed up blood and needed a long time to recover on bed, on the ground.

"You do enrage me." Immortal Qingyang glimpsed at Ye Chen coldly, collected Qi Hao\'s arm into sleeves and took Qi Hao away.

Ye Chen collapsed down, and blood pumped out of his mouth.

It was lucky for him to survive in the explosion of the spell. Afterwards, he tried his best to sustain.

"Ye Chen." Xiong\'er bounced on the platform and held him.

The battle today spread the whole Hengyue Sect.

This courageous intern disciple was renowned and became the topic.

Other disciples always glanced at the Tianyang Peak when talking about Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen has already pissed off two main peaks. The Tianyang Peak will be the next?"

"I suppose not! Ye Chen is brave but doesn\'t offer to make troubles."

"I can\'t agree more."

"What? He survived in the explosion of the spell?" Zhong Laodao, the chief master of the Tianyang Peak could not help cursing after hearing the report.


"Don\'t talk. My heart aches." Covering his chest, he regretted for missing a talent!