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Immortal Qingyang\'s strong energy forced a mouthful of blood to spurt from Ye Chen\'s mouth.

"Release Qi Hao." Immortal Qingyang roared and fixed his stressing energy on Ye Chen.

"Sect elder, the third party is disallowed to intervene in the fight on the Wind and Cloud Platform. You\'re gonna to neglect the rule?" Neither humble nor arrogant, Ye Chen looked into Immortal Qingyang\'s eyes. He had already riled up Ge Hong, and did not mind pissing off the chief master of the Renyang Peak.

Cold light flickered in Immortal Qingyang\'s eyes.

He did not dare to move a little bit, because a big trouble would be caused if any misfortune happened to Qi Hao, a disciple from Clan Qi in the Nanjiang area.

He fished out a storage bag and plunged it on the ground after deliberation, answering deeply, "You want spirit stones? Here they are. Release Qi Hao."

Ye Chen glimpsed at the storage bag and sneered, "Sect elder, do you know what crimes your disciple committed? A thousand spirit stones for his life? His life\'s so cheap."

"Crimes?" Immortal Qingyang replied coldly, "Tell me, what crimes did he commit?"

"Spell of Heaven Thunder is forbidden in the fight on the platform. Anyone going against the clause will be put to death. Disciples harming spirit beasts or sect elders will be penalized. Qi Hao applied the spell, and hurt Zhang Fengnian and his eagle. "

Ye Chen scorned at Immortal Qingyang, "Sect elder, Qi Hao will die of any of the crimes. What do you think the one thousand spirit stones?"

"You…" Immortal Qingyang almost burst into rage but took a deep breath, responding gruffly, "Do you know Qi Hao\'s identity?"

"From Clan Qi of the Nanjiang area." Ye Chen laughed, "So what? He should obey the rules of the Hengyue Sect as he cultivates here. Anybody disobeying the rules needs to be punished no matter who he is."

In wrath, Immortal Qingyang never imagined Ye Chen listened to no word of his and squashed his anger, "What do you want?"

"Ask him to tell the whereabouts of Zhang Fengnian. And give me a hundred thousand spirit stones to exchange his life. Otherwise, you can notify Clan Qi to take Qi Hao\'s corpse away. I have my word."

"A hundred thousand?" The number scared everyone present. They might not accumulate such a big fortune all their lives.

"Unbelievable! "

"So many?" Xiong\'er smiled coldly, "A hundred thousand for a life. So few!"

"Sect elder, what do you think?" Ye Chen grinned at Immortal Qingyang.

"Ye Chen, do you know what your behavior will bring about?" Immortal Qingyang answered flatly, cold flash glimmering in his eyes.

"My life\'s useless. Sect elder can take it anytime you want."

"I end your life first." Immortal Qingyang bellowed and his big hands aloft nearly repressed Ye Chen.

However, a trace of strong energy spread from another direction and a gruff voice echoed in the cosmos, "Qingyang, you also ignore the rule?"

"Daojie, you want to shield the bastard?" Immortal Qingyang cast a cold look at the other side.

"You mislead others." Daojie laughed, "Qi Hao really used the spell on the platform. He harmed Zhang Fengnian\'s eagle. Albeit banished, Zhang Fengnian ranks the same as us and can be counted as one of the seniors of the sect. Qi Hao beat him to half death. Do you think Qi Hao can be alive if punished?"

"You…" Immortal Qingyang swallowed his words, just as Ge Hong did that day.

"Your disciple ignores the rules. As his master, you\'re also to be blamed." Daojie\'s doctrine-like words arose, "You should teach your disciples how to behave humbly."

"Hooray, clap for it." Xiong\'er applauded with his chubby hands.