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"Ye Chen." Pale, Xiong\'er intended to scurry to the platform but paused when taking only one step.

A vague shadow rose up, swayed and paced out of the dirt steadily.

"How can it be possible?" Aghast spread among the onlookers.

"That\'s Spell of Heaven Thunder. He\'s still alive!"

"He\'s alive in the explosion. Is he a devil?"

"Impossible." On the stage, Qi Hao saw Ye Chen steppping out of the dirt slowly with unbelievable eyes. Aware the power of the spell very well, even he could not survive in the blast, how Ye Chen made it.

"Boy, you\'re awesome." Xiong\'er shrieked with his chubby fists clenched firmly.

As dust subsided, Ye Chen bleeding all over walked out of there and left bloody footsteps behind in everyone\'s gaze.

All the onlookers gasped at this tragic scene.

In blood stained rags, he lost the look of a human. Especially his spine was nastily mutilated in the blast, with flesh and bones exposed.

Now he looked like the scary asura from hell.

"No, it\'s can\'t be true." Qi Hao\'s yell broke the silence. He did not believe what happened before his eyes.


As the buzz of a sword arose, Ye Chen lunged forward with the Crimson Cloud Sword in hand opposite him.

Ye Chen did not apply other skills but suffered the spell with his strong body, otherwise he could have been blasted.



Albeit seriously wounded, he still speeded up and cut Qi Hao continuously with the sharp sword.


Bellowing, Qi Hao could not accept the fact that Ye Chen survived in the explosion and he even could not defeat dying Ye Chen.

No matter how he roared unwillingly, he could prevent Ye Chen\'s attack.


Ye Chen grabbed Qi Hao\'s leg and plunged him on the platform. A human-shaped pit was left by Qi hao on the hard surface, whose organs were displaced.


Another mouth of blood with flesh was vomited. Qi Hao totally failed this time.

"Where do you hide them?" Ye Chen grasped Qi Hao\'s collar and nearly lifted him up.

"I won\'t tell you." Qi Hao laughed hideously. He was tougher than ever at this moment.

"Well then." Ye Chen sneered.


One of Qi Hao\'s arms was torn off by cruel Ye Chen, blood spurting.


Gasps were heard everywhere. Surprised at Ye Chen\'s rudeness, even Xiong\'er swallowed mouthfuls of slaver.

The battle today was the most bloody one ever since.


Qi Hao paused and screeched without the expectation that one of his arm was ripped off.

"Tell me, where are they?" Ye Chen fixed his reddening eyes at Qi Hao, and might tore away another arm or kill him if he refused to tell.

Enraged, he prepared to be buried with Qi Hao, who touched his bottom line.

However, a pressure swept across from afar and enveloped the whole platform now. Repressed by the force, even Ye Chen staggered.

"Bastard, you dare!" An icy voice approached and chill killing intent followed.

As a black figure flashed on the platform, a shadow emerged in an instant. He was the chief master from the Renyang Peak—Immortal Qingyang.