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As Ye Chen twisted around on the platform, icy killing intent spread rapidly and made the onlookers tremble as if bathing in chill howling wind.

"Where are Zhang Fengnian and little eagle?" He asked about their whereabouts before fighting.

"Beaten to death by me."

"If you\'re unwilling to tell, I\'ll pound you to speak out." Ye Chen yelled, his killing intend bursting and black hair floating in the air.

"So…powerful." The disciples below the platform were astonished.


He crushed the green stone plate beneath his feet with a tread and lunged towards Qi Hao.


Qi Hao roared and stretched his index finger with dim sparks lingering around.

To his surprise, Ye Chen did not dodge.


Albeit a bleeding hole jabbed by Qi Hao on shoulder, Ye Chen still careered towards him like a lion and pounded his face.


Blood and half of Qi Hao\'s teeth were pumped out from mouth. His face was thumped twisted.


Proud Qi Hao bellowed and staggered backwards, without the expectation that he was defeated by Ye Chen even with a higher cultivation base, suffering a setback.

"I don\'t believe." Qi Hao\'s hair hanging loose, the inner energy surging and pooling in his hand transformed into a powerful palm and rushed towards Ye Chen.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Ye Chen did not retreat but attacked.


As explosion sounded, their palms clattered. Defeated, Qi Hao backed and coughed up blood. The stone plates smashed as he stepped on them

"He\'s so awesome!" A stir was caused among the onlookers.

"Qi Hao is a cultivator at the human core stage. He\'s beaten up by Ye Chen. Is Ye Chen a devil?"

"He wasn\'t that strong not long ago! How could he…"

Ye Chen was capable to battle with the cultivators at the true core stage after making a breakthrough of the eighth level of the Qi condensation stage. He could defeat a common cultivator at human core stage even without his demonic energy.


Qi Hao on the platform was kicked away.

"Tell me, where are they?" As his killing intent boosted, Ye Chen walked towards Qi Hao, hair dancing.

"I killed them." Ferocious as a demon, Qi Hao\'s face was nastily mutilated.

"Well." Ye Chen snorted, arrived in front of Qi Hao with the Fast Virtual shadow and waved his arms, applying the Rushing Thunder Palm.


Vomiting blood, Qi Hao was overturned. His falling body cracked the platform.



Unsteady, he crawled up and laughed wildly, "Ye Chen, you\'ll die today."

Eyes glinting, Ye Chen found his back cold and a trace of scary energy expanding.

"Boy, it\'s Spell of Heaven Thunder." Xiong\'er hurried to remind.

"Spell of Heaven Thunder?"

"The spell is disallowed in the fight on the platform? Qi Hao\'s bold! He doesn\'t fear punishment from the sect?"

"His tutor is the chief master of the Renyang Peak. And he\'s the young master of Clan Qi in Nanjiang area. The sect has to consider his tutor and his family if blaming him."

"Ye Chen\'s more ominous than propitious."


A great sound interrupted all the discussion below.

The extraordinary spell could explode mountains. The entire platform was flooded by rolling dusts.

"Ye Chen." Pale, Xiong\'er intended to scurry to the platform but paused when taking only one step.

A vague shadow rose up, swayed and paced out of the dirt steadily.