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Hu Wa\'s two meridians of his arms were cut by the following two traces of sword energy.

Qi Yun looked down on a jade stone table below, in front of which sat Qi Hao. He smiled hideously when seeing maimed Hu Wa.

"Ye Chen, that\'s the price you piss me off." Qi Hao laughed ferociously, "You\'ll see the one you care about dying, if you still dodge."


Something vibrated aloft.

A heavy and broad iron sword was plunged from afar, hitting the air.

It was the Tianque Sword.

Someone recognized it immediately.

"Ye Chen comes." The sword opened a way with its master following behind.


As the sword planted in the platform and stirred a loud noise, Ye Chen scuttled here.

He bounced quickly on the platform in a distance.

"Hu Wa." Painful as if heart disemboweled, he came to Hu Wa directly without delay and found him bloody all over.

"Big brother, you…you\'re back." Blood pumped from his mouth. His face was nastily mutilated and big clear eyes blurred.

"Why are you so silly?" Ye Chen held Hu Wa in arms, placed palms on his back and transfused rolling vital energy to heal his broken immune system and secure his weak meridians of heart.

"They…they kidnapped grandpa and little eagle. They called you coward. I do…do not allow anyone to harm them nor swear at you."

Ye Chen was both moved and sorrowful.

He was the one to be blamed. Zhang Fengnian and Hu Wa could not have been bullied if not for his sake.

"Ye Chen." Qi Hao roared and sprang on the platform like a ferocious wolf, "I\'m waiting you long."

Ye Chen did not move but healed Hu Wa. He cared about Hu Wa more than killing Qi Hao.

Qi Hao was enraged for Ye Chen\'s neglect and punched him in the air.

Motionless, Ye Chen suffered the beat, blood flowing from his mouth corner at once. He did not want to distract himself from curing Hu Wa.

"I wanna see how long you can sustain." Qi Hao waved his arm crazily and pounded Ye Chen to back and vomit mouthfuls of blood.

As cold light flashed in Qi Hao\'s vicious eyes, his killing intent was triggered.


A sword was unsheathed and plunged towards Ye Chen\'s skull. If the sword touched it, he must die.

All of a sudden, a rainbow-like arrow shot down.

It arrived in a blink.


As metal clattered, the arrow shattered Qi Hao\'s sword away.

"Screw you, you crazy dog." When a loud curse sounded, Xiong\'er showed up in rage. "You wanna die too?" Qi Hao thundered gruffly.

"I\'ll get even with you sooner or later." Xiong\'er replied coldly. He was impolite to Qi Hao because his family and Clan Qin were feuds.

But he chose to stand by Ye Chen immediately and placed one core into Hu Wa\'s mouth.

"Sorry, I just returned." Xiong\'er apologized to Ye Chen while transfusing vital energy into Hu Wa\'s body. If he had not brought Ye Chen to the auction, Hu Wa and Zhang Fengnian might not have been tormented.

"We\'re dudes. Don\'t say that." Ye Chen withdrew the palm on Hu Wa\'s back, "Please take care of Hu Wa, I go to end the asshole\'s life."

Xiong\'er nodded and carried Hu Wa away by a cloud cluster made of spiritual energy.