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The next day, Hengyue Sect bathed in dawn light.

Ye Chen walked down the small hill top and ran to the Task Pavilion.

His arrival attracted much attention. On one hand, he was new here. On the other hand, his cultivation base of the first level in Qi Condensation stage and his Tianque Sword caught people\'s eyes.

"How poor his talent is! His cultivation base only reaches the first level of Qi condensation stage." Some disciples of Hengyue Sect glanced at Ye Chen scornfully upon his arrival.

"He chooses Tianque Sword as spirit tool. How stupid he is."

"He is really silly."

Ye Chen did not care others\' discussion, staring at the stele in the Task Pavilion. On the stele hung many little jade cards, with each representing one task ranging from the easiest to the hardest.

"I have the elixir sea and true fire to guard my body. My power is enough to combat any demonic beast under the fifth level of Qi condensation stage."

While scanning each task of the stele, Ye Chen measured his actual strength.

Eventually, he set his eyes on the last jade card, an low-level task within his capability—"beating the blood wolf".

The blood wolf, a demonic beast with an invincible body, which Ye Chen had read from a valuable demonic beasts chart, was extremely ferocious. Its power equaled that of a human cultivator at the third level of Qi condensation stage. Any cultivator with normal cultivation base could not break its defense, nor would they find trouble with it.

"I will take this task." Ye Chen almost reached the jade card, but a fair hand took away the card before him.

"I am Zhao Long. I will take the task of battling the blood wolf." Zhao\'s laughter and remarks filling with defiance and tease could be heard clearly.

Ye Chen lowered his head and saw a disciple in purple beside him. The handsome disciple with thick black hair was dashing. But his disdainful smile made Ye Chen disgusting.

"What\'s up? Aren\'t you ready to give up?" Squinting at Ye Chen, Zhao Long raised his jaw highly.

"Senior brother just takes it away." Ye Chen thought it was not worthwhile to debate with him, and cast his look on the stele again, looking for other tasks. He finally selected one task of killing other demonic beasts ranking the same as killing blood wolf.

When Ye Chen was to stretch his arm, Zhao Long took the jade card away before him again.

"This task belongs to me." Zhao Long teased Ye Chen and glanced at him in defiance.

Ye Chen glimpsed at Zhao Long, and held his temper.

Ye Chen scanned the stele and looked for another one. However, this time was the same as before. When he intended to take the card, Zhao Long took action ahead of him.

"I will take this task as well." Raising his chin high, Zhao Long said in a deeply inflammatory manner.

Ye Chen scowled. He found that Zhao Long came here not for tasks but to find fault with him. Numerous disciples selected their tasks here, why did Zhao Long rob his?

"Senior brother, we are not enemies. Why do you pick on me?" Ye Chen glared at Zhao Long and asked.

Ye Chen thought he would not cause any trouble as long as he kept low-key. Apparently, Zhao Long came to find trouble with him. But Ye was not timid. According to Ye Chen\'s disposition, he would not bear the spite against him without any reason.

"Not enemies…Huh…Huh…Huh…" Zhao Long snorted, "You beat my junior brother, how dare you are to say we are not enemies? You are courageous, aren\'t you? I warn you that anyone who bullies my junior brother is courting death. "

Ye Chen understood after hearing Zhao\'s remarks.

He guessed the junior brother Zhao Long mentioned must be Zhang Tao, whom he beat yesterday.