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It took a day for Ye Chen to return to the Hengyue Sect.

At the entrance of the little spirit garden, he pushed open the gate and startled to see a mess in the garden with the spirit fruit tree cut down.

"What\' wrong?" He scurried into the room, but nobody was there.

"What happened after my leave?" With a sense of foreboding, he jumped out of the garden and climbed up the Sprit Mountain.

Some disciples fixed eyes on him upon his arrival.


"Ye Chen returns?"

"Finally, he comes back. Hu Wa has been tortured during his absence."

"The same to Zhang Fengnain and the bird. They\'ve been beaten to half death."

Ye Chen\'s head buzzed.

He learned from the words that a misfortune occurred to the little spirit garden over his duration in the Ghost Black Market.

He grabbed one disciple, and gazed at him with a pair of blood red eyes, "Tell me, what happened to Hu Wa and Zhang Fengnian during my absence?"

The disciple was scared and stuttered, "Qi Hao from the Renyang Peak wanted to challenge you on the Wind and Cloud Platform, but didn\'t find you. So he vented his anger on Hu Wa and Zhang Fengnian. "

"Where are they?" Ye Chen yelled.

"Wind and… Cloud Platform." The disciple pointed at the direction of the platform with trembling fingers. "Today Qi Yun from the Renyang Peak will have a duel with Hu Wa."

"Chase death." Bursting into laughter, he released his grip in rage, turn around and rushed there.

The disciple gasped and followed him in a hurry, "Come, Ye Chen is going to the platform."

"A drama will begin."

The Wind and Cloud Platform today was as bustling as usual.

The onlookers gathered below and stared at two figures on the platform with their sparkling eyes.

They were Hu Wa and the teenager called Qi Yun.

The fight was white-hot. Hu Wa attacked crazily with the black iron staff in hand. However, bruises and injuries scattered over his body because he was a fresh cultivator without any mystiques.

Qi Yun, at ease, dodged easily with light steps and hurt Hu Wa, seeming not battling but fooling him.

"You\'re so weak." Sneering, Qi Yun throw out his fist and overturned Hu Wa, who fell on the ground and bled a lot.

Qi Yun waved his folding fan gently and walked towards Hu Wa, satirizing, "You\'re useless. So is Ye Chen. He didn\'t dare to accept our challenge and escaped like a coward. "

"I don\'t allow you to curse him." Gritting his teeth, Hu Wa tried his best to stand up and lifted the staff while staggering.

"You dare to hurt me with you frail cultivation base?" Qi Yun smiled coldly and grasped the staff in a stroke. No matter how Hu Wa exerted his strength, the staff could not get rid of Qi Yun\'s grip.

"Get away!" Qi Yun bellowed and kicked Hu Wa away.

Before Hu Wa stood up, he crashed Hu Wa\'s knees with a trace of sword energy, cracked his legs and turned him into a worthless man.

"Useless." Qi Yun treaded on Hu Wa\'s face and gnashed his teeth, laughing wildly, "Both you and Ye Chen are useless."

"I don\'t permit you to curse big brother." Hu Wa struggled with all his strength and clang to Qi Yun\'s leg with both hands.