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"What happened that night is the key." Along this train of thought, he realized the liquid changed after inserting the little tripod into the gourd.

"Something refined from the tripod by the gourd and integrated into the liquid? So the spirit liquid changed?"

"If so, the extraction from the tripod must be relevant with demons."

He heard of some tales about them when he searched information for the Zhengyang Sect.

When speaking of the demons, a powerful and mysterious clan—Demonic Clan must be mentioned. The members of the ancient clan were ferocious and blood thirsty, classified as demons by common cultivators. They waged sanguinary slaughters on this land many times, but appeared without any reasons.

"I have demonic bloodline. And the thing refined by the tripod must be demonic blood. The oppression of Lv Zhi\'s pagoda roused the demonic energy awake."

He pondered and seemed to figure out everything.

He was frightened by the killing intent and cruelty having consumed his intelligence, after his demonic transformation. If he gave in to the killing intent, he must be a killing-longing monster and his families might be harmed by him.

However, he also desired the tremendous power rolling inside his body after the transformation.

"The demonic energy will be one of my trump cards if I have a good command of it without losing my intelligence." He stroked his chin.

Calm, he sought the hint of the skill in his blood.

Something unusual was sensed. It was not easy for him to activate the skill because the demonic blood was little and the demonic energy feeble.

"It only revitalizes at risky moment?" He guessed and mumbled.

It soon dawned.

At sunrise, Ye Chen was waken up by three traces of energy from afar and opened his eyes slowly.

Three sect elders from the Zhengyang Sect riding rainbows in the vault of heaven, including Wu Changqing.

"Ji Ningshuang has been the focus of their training. Otherwise, they won\'t spare so much effort in searching her." Ye Chen grumbled.

It was time for him to leave. If Wu Changqing noticed him, a trouble would be caused.

Ye Chen rose up at once, collected away his Tianque sword and intended to rush into the forest without saying a word.

Beyond his expectation, Ji Ningshaung also stood up and asked gently, "Will I see you in the competition among the three sects in two months?"

"Yes." He slipped into the thick forest.

Facing his fading shadow, she was disappointed and remorse for not seeing his face and had to identify one by one in the competition.

"See you in two months." A touching smile etched across her mouth corner when speaking of the competition.

Wu Changqing and the other two sect elders arrived behind her.

"Ji Ningshuang, why are you here?" He relieved and breathed out when finding her well, "You\'re a Xuan spirit person and the future of our sect. Nothing wrong can happen to you. "

"Fine. You\'re alright." Another sect elder stroked his beard, "Sect master has opened up a Xuan spirit pool. Your body will wake up and cultivation base boost after bathing in it."

"You\'re a genius appearing a thousand years and will surely defeat the lineal disciples of the other two sects in the competition."