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Ye Chen woke up and grabbed Ji Ningshuang\'s arm squarely when she almost took off his mask.

"What are you doing?" He sat up at once.

"I…I just want to have a look at your face." Ji Ningshuang was awkward for her lie being disclosed.

"No need." Ye Chen\'s indifference disappointed her.

He rose up, lurched towards Lv Zhi and took away his storage bag including spirit jade and decorations.

True fire emerged and burned Lv Zhi\'s corpse.

After cleaning the debris and confirming no hint relevant with the Hengyue Sect left, he turned to her, "I don\'t need you to repay me. Don\'t reveal anything to others, do you?"

Ji Ningshuang nodded gently in silence.

She guessed Ye Chen to be a disciple of the Hengyue Sect because of the Spell of Heaven Thunder, and understood that his scrupulousness saved troubles for his sect.

"Bye." He strode to the outside.

Facing his departure, she wanted to utter something but shut up.

Unexpectedly, he stopped after taking several steps and glimpsed at her standing behind him. Lying on the ground, she was pale and breathless, the wound on her shoulder glinting in poisonous black light. He twisted around to her slowly.

Ye Chen was unbearable to see his past lover dying in the wilderness due to the poison or eaten by demonic beasts.

"Only once this time. No relation with her anymore." He warned himself.

At night, bonfire burned in the forest. He removed her toxicities with true fire and sat in lotus position to heal himself.

She looked at him sneakily but found him motionless.

She was dismayed because he remained still even with a beauty sitting beside.

Finally, she could not help asking, "You\'re a disciple from the Hengyue Sect?"

Sitting like a monk in mediation, Ye Chen was silent when hearing her question.

She whispered, "I just want to repay you."

"No need." The face beneath the mask was expressionless.

"What\'s …your name?"

"Chenye." He decided to conceal his identity by an anonym and answered coldly.

His apathy forced her to hold knees with both hands and keep silent. She was curious about the aloof savior before her.

How would she react if she knew the one sitting in front of her was her ex-boyfriend.

"I\'m sitting before you. You can\'t recognize me? A mask severs everything?" Irony and sorrow surged in his mind.

Everything proved one point—Ji Ningshuang did not love him enough no matter now or in the past. Otherwise, she could recognize him in a short distance.

"I can recognize my beloved at my first sight no matter how the world changes. I do this with heart not eyes. Ji Ningshuang, our love has gone."

A sad sneer unfolded under the mask, eyes closing.

It was serene now.

The bonfire burned and Ji Ningshuang began to practice.

Ye Chen closed eyes and checked his body.

His demonic transformation during the fight with Lv Zhi was weird. Likewise, the change in the hotel of the Ghost Black Market was not that simple.

"How I have demonic blood?" He murmured in confusion.

The spirit liquid in the little purple gold gourd reminded him. The eerie change occurred when he drank the spirit liquid that night.