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Lv Zhi placed the sword before him to fend off Ye Chen\'s attack.


His sword was smashed by Ye Chen\'s palm and he also vomited blood when stepping back.

"Spring-severed Finger." He applied secret skills immediately.


Ye Chen did not defend as just now and a bleeding hole was jabbed on his body.

He waved hands again and thumped Lv Zhi to bleed with the Rushing Thunder Palm.

The batter began once more.

This time, Lv Zhi was oppressed. Ye Chen outdid Lv Zhi in speed and power after his transformation.

What mattered most was Ye Chen\'s lack of defense. He kept attacking crazily. However, Lv Zhi lost volition and courage because of the fear of Ye Chen\'s demonic appearance.


As Ye Chen\'s sword pierced through Lv Zhi\'s chest, the battle came to its end.

Lv Zhi\'s eyes protruded in scare and blood rolled in mouth.

He might die in the wilderness and regretted hunting Ji Ningshuang out of his lasciviousness.

"You want to know who I am?" Ye Chen smiled mysteriously, seeming to adapt to his new form, regaining his intelligence and recalling his hatred.

He slowly removed the mask and revealed his handsome face.

"You…Impossible! I broke you elixir field." Unbelievable, Lv Zhi\'s eyes enlarged.

Beyond his expectation, the cultivator at the Qi condensation stage he fighting with was the former disciple from the Zhengyang Sect, whose elixir filed was destroyed by him. Besides, the disciple not only cultivated again but also transformed into a demon.

Everything was unacceptable to Lv Zhi.

Ye Chen wore the ghost-head mask again, like a real devil from hell.

"Next life, don\'t piss off the one you shouldn\'t rile up." Ye Chen blended his vital energy with demonic energy, infused them into the Crimson Cloud Sword and shattered Lv Zhi\'s heart.

Lv Zhi collapsed in a gust of icy wind with astonishment glinting in his eyes.

Ye Chen staggered after killing him.

Bloody, he was seriously wounded. If his demonic bloodline did not wake up at the risky moment, he might have been murdered.


He fell down to the ground as chill wind howled.

In silence, his demonic form receded, blood red hair returning to black, demonic intent fading and the pattern at the middle of his eyebrows evaporating.

The deep forest rustled.

Ji Ningshuang covering her shoulder wobbled and looked for them in a hurry.

She was startled to see died Lv Zhi killed by a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage. It was hard for her to explain everything.

She turned to Ye Chen.

"He breathes." She relieved when seeing Ye Chen\'s chest rolling and falling.

"I must have lost my life if you did not save me today." Grateful, she was curious to see Ye Chen wearing a mask.

Her curiosity drove her to stretch her hand towards Ye Chen\'s mask and have a look at her savior.

"What\'s your look on earth?"