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"This…" Checking his body, Ye Chen did not expect a trace of mysterious energy hid inside his body.

To his surprise, strange scriptures crawled upon his bones like spells, burning heat spreading his body and pain taking hold of his buzzing head.

"This feeling again." The dizziness reminded him of the similar scene in the Ghost Black Market.

The trace of blood-thirst power overwhelmed him.


Tearing pain forced him to roar.


Eyes half-closed, Lv Zhi seemed to sense the overwhelming power as well.

"Open." As Ye Chen yelled, the trace of energy broke the oppression of Lv Zhi\'s pagoda.



All of a sudden, traces of surging cold demonic energy rushed out of Ye Chen\'s body and swept across the gravels and broken surrounding woods.

His appearance also changed dramatically.

His thick and long black hair turned into bloody red at a fast rate and black eyes reddened. When a demonic pattern emerged between the middle of his eyebrows, his killing intent boosted dramatically.

"Demon…demon…" Lv Zhi stepped back with enlarged pupils.


Ye Chen\'s head was enwrapped by hands in intense pain. The ferociousness and killing intent consumed his intelligence gradually.

Now he was a devil.

Frightened by Ye Chen\'s weird change, Lv Zhi held a sword in hand with a sharp look and wanted to kill Ye Chen soon in case of leaving a trouble behind.


He was merciless, and an energy sword pierced the air.


Ye Chen\'s body was penetrated by Lv Zhi\'s sword, blood spurting.

Ye Chen lifted his head at once, stared at Lv Zhi with bloodshot eyes and licked tongue, smiling eerily.

Heart thumping, Lv Zhi was cold from head to feet as if gazed by a monster.

"You\'re gonna to kill me?" Ye Chen grinned hideously. The cruel killing intent flooded his brain and clouded his mind. But a human\'s intuition, that he might be killed by Lv Zhi if he did not counterattack, existed.

Ye Chen raised his fist and punched Lv Zhi afar before he reacted.


Lv Zhi coughed up blood when pacing back.

More powerful, this pound with the ferocious force broke Lv Zhi\'s three ribs.

Lv Zhi fell down and crashed one stone, fear glimmering in his eyes, "You…"

"Kill." Ye Chen bellowed and like a monster careered towards Lv Zhi.

"Quell him." At the critical moment, Lv Zhi repressed Ye Chen by the pagoda in the sky.

But he failed this time. Ye Chen speeded up after the transformation and the pagoda could not catch up with him.

Lv Zhi turned over and linked his hands. A dozen of energy swords whistled and shot towards Ye Chen.




Ye Chen did not dodge them and the swords left cuts on his body.

"You…" Lv Zhi backed. As torrential demonic energy careered towards him, he faced not a man but a mad monster.

"Kill." Ye Chen roared and thumped Lv Zhi.