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"True fire?" Lv Zhi smiled hideously, "Boy, your true fire is mine after I kill you."

"Let\'s see whether you are capable or not." Smiling gruffly, Ye Chen scurried to him with the Fast Virtual Shadow.

He was so fast that Lv Zhi had no time to apply the pagoda for defense.


Ye Chen took out the Crimson Cloud Sword and waved it.


Lv Zhi roared and crushed the energy sword.

Ye Chen approached him again at a fast rate after shaking off the heavy Tianque Sword. The sharp Crimson Cloud Sword left continuous wounds on Lv Zhi and nearly ripped him alive.


He snarled and boost his killing intent without the expectation of being defeated by a cultivator inferior to him.


The pagoda forced Ye Chen to wobble again. Lv Zhi took chance and attacked him with palms and fists. Ye Chen vomited blood several times with inner energy rolling inside.

The battle became white-hot and the two fought in the deep forest.



As more injuries showed, Ye Chen was oppressed by Lv Zhi\'s spirit force and high cultivation base, and nearly defeated albeit with his true fire and elixir sea.

"Go to death!" As spirit force lingered around finger tips, Lv Zhi like a mad dog turned Ye Chen over with a purple palm.

"Spell of Heaven Spirit!" Ye Chen had no other choice but triggered the spell pasted on Lv Zhi\'s body.

"You think I\'ll be trapped again?" Smiling coldly, Lv Zhi shrugged off the spell one minute before its activation.

Ye Chen regretted for wasting one spell. At least three spells needed to be initiated at the same time to fetter a cultivator at the true Yang stage like Lv Zhi for a short time.

As an outstanding disciple of the Qingyun Sect, Lv Zhi outdid the strong man reaching the true Yang stage killed by Xiong\'er and Ye Chen.

The true energy in Ye Chen\'s elixir sea drained gradually in this defeat.

"We\'re not at the same level." Gritting teeth, he had to dodge the hunt by the Fast Virtual Shadow and escaped into the deep forest.

"Can you flee?" Lv Zhi transfused all his spirit force into the pagoda.


As the spirit tool sparkled, Ye Chen was repressed by it and failed to move.

"Run, you dare to run!" Lv Zhi dashed out with a twisted face and took out a sword to cut Ye Chen\'s flesh for feeding dogs.

Ye Chen mustered all his vital energy to get rid of the oppression of the pagoda, but in vain. Lv Zhi made up his mind to quell Ye Chen\'s resistance and draw up all the power of the pagoda.

"Shit." Ye Chen gnashed his teeth, which bled.

Opposite him was the one who had destroyed his elixir field. The situation that day was similar to today.

His elixir field was going to be ruined again?

He was unwilling to compromise and scream arose in his mind. It was hard for him to resurrect if his elixir field was demolished again.

At the risky moment, a trace of unknown fierce power was bred in his body.