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"Who will die? It\'s not decided yet." Ye Chen smiled gruffly, paced one step forward, and flung the Tianque Sword in hand.


The heavy sword hit against Lv Zhi\'s linked palms.

Ye Chen was shocked backward by the palm and three traces of purple energy swords rushed towards him before he steadied.

He fended himself off the attack with the sword in front of him.




The hardness of the sword did not fail him, who was forced back by Lv Zhi\'s icy palm and vomited blood.

"Go to death!" Lv Zhi approached him with a ferocious look.

Ye Chen threw away the Tianque Sword.

When Lv Zhi blocked the sword and was about to counterattack, Ye Chen darted towards him like a beast.

He changed his moves, combated with all the joints and behaved like a tiger, an ape , a lion and a wolf.

The powerful Beast Wrestle in combination with the Fast Virtual Shadow panicked Lv Zhi.

"A disciple at the Qi condensation stage has such amazing close fighting skills." Ji Ningshuang was stunned.

More startled, Lv Zhi found Ye Chen not a common cultivator at the eighth level of the Qi condensation stage and the weird wrestle skills exceeded his level.

Over the fight, Lv Zhi, a cultivator at the true Yang stage, was left with palm and foot prints all over his body in embarrassment.

But Ye Chen still needed some effort to defeat him.

Soon, Lv Zhi overturned the situation. Ye Chen was pounded, backed and coughed up blood.

"Spell of Heaven Thunder." Ye Chen linked both hands and activated the spell pasted on Lv Zhi\'s body.


Lv Zhi exploded far away.

"Spell of Heaven Thunder. He\'s a disciple from the Hengyue Sect." Ji Ningshuang murmured. Beyond her expectation, her savior was from the Hengyue Sect, and the killer, the Qingyun Sect. Both of them were the rivals of the Zhengyang Sect.

"Spell of Heaven Thunder! Very well." Bellowing, Lv Zhi bloody all over rose up from the debris like a devil from hell, with loose-hanging hair and a forbidding countenance.

"He stands up even sealed by the spell." Astonished, Ye Chen sighed how strong Lv Zhi was.

"Kill." Lv Zhi applied a spirit tool in rage. A sparkling splendid pagoda flew out from the middle of his eyebrows, expanded to one zhang and forced Ye Chen to swagger back.

That was the difference between the Qi condensation stage and the true Yang stage.

Only the cultivators reaching the latter stage could use spirit tools by spirit force. Those at the Qi condensation stage and human core stage merely applied vital energy.

Spirit energy was not spirit force\'s match. The force was extracted from vital energy by the cultivators reaching the true Yang stage. Ye Chen fell behind in this respect.

Oppressed by the imposing manner of the pagoda as if shouldering thousands-of-jin burden, he still stood straight.

"Remove." He yelled and got rid of the repression.

"He ignores the oppression of the spirit tool." Even Ji Ningshuang was astounded.

"True fire emerges." The fire gathered into a long whip and lashed hard on Lv Zhi\'s face.

"He has true fire?" Ji Ningshuang was astonished again.