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Purple whirlwind came into being revolving around his body and crashed the snow icy lotus rushing towards it. As the lotus fell down, he changed the link, transformed the wind into a sword and plunged it towards Ji Ningshuang.

She stepped back and smashed the sword with her palm surrounded by spirit lights.

"Don\'trush. More come." Lv Zhi waved his hand and cast a purple-light palm at her.

She did not flinch but moved forward. A palm with lotus sign was thrust forward.

Defeated again, she backed and vomited blood.

"Go on?" He laughed gruffly and attacked, seeming not give her the chance to breathe. She fought back passively and had no chance to counterattack.

Ye Chen\'s eyes glinted.

He fished out the ghost-head mask and wore it.

He did not want to get involved with his old lover again but could not stand by when she was harmed and humiliated by his foe.

"I don\'t love you anymore. I save you just to revenge on Lv Zhi. We two bear no relationship any longer." Deceiving himself as well as others, he went out of the cave silently.


Ji Ningshuang coughed up blood again and wobbled back, with weak breath. The wound on shoulder enwrapped by black light could not heal after a long time. She seemed to be severely poisoned.

"You still wanna fight?" Lv Zhi paced to her in a satirical tone.

Indifferent and silent, she lurched but did not collapse.

"How awkward if I die in such a way." She lifted her finger and intended to commit suicide before he killed her.

He sneered, "You wanna die? Not that easy."

Vital energy swept across the sky.

As resolution glimmered in eyes, she pointed at the middle of her eyebrows hard. She would die if her finger touched her forehead.

Right now a big hand emerged behind her, held her slim waist and backed rapidly.

She turned to her savior, but only saw his half mask. The warmth from his palm spread to her waist.

Eye-clouded, she did not see the face of her savior but was placated by the sense of security.

The instant was carved in her brain.

Opposite her, Lv Zhi lost the grip of her, face darkening.

"A boy at the Qi condensation stage wants to save her?" He lifted his palm towards Ye Chen.

Ji Ningshuang was stunned. Ye Chen charged forward, left a footprint on the ground and applied the Mountain Wrestle Fist with all of his vital energy.


Fists clattered.

He stepped back with numb arms.

To Lv Zhi\'s surprise, he did not defeat a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage with one fist, and pains was caused in his palm.

"I belittled you." He smiled hideously, speeded up and careered towards Ye Chen as a ghost.

"Belittle me, you\'ll die miserably." Ye Chen changed his voice in case of being recognized by Ji Ningshuang. As vital energy ran beneath his feet, the Fast Virtual Shadow worked.


His moves stunned Lv Zhi, who never expected that Ye Chen\'s skills were more profound.

Eye sparkling, Lv Zhi pointed a finger with dim light at Ye Chen\'s chest.

Ye Chen dodged but a bleeding hole was jabbed by Lv Zhi on his shoulder. He punched on Lv Zhi\'s body.

Both of them were wounded.

Especially Lv Zhi, he nearly coughed up blood, inner energy overturning inside his body.

"A disciple at the Qi condensation stage hurt Lv Zhi!" Nearby, Ji Ningshuang was astounded. She never expected an inferior cultivator was so powerful.

"You deserve to die." Lv Zhi answered coldly with a sullen look and lifted his palm.