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"Why is she here?" Ye Chen frowned with misty eyes.

He had made a clear break with Ji Ningshuang the moment of his banishment.

But she always returned to his life no matter in the Hengyue Sect, the Ghost Black Market or the cave.

"Is it destined?" A mock flashed across his mouth corner.

"Junior sister Ji, why you still struggle?" A hideous smile spread from the outside into the cave and a young man in purple chased her.

Ye Chen\'s look sharpened at the sight of the young man, who broke his elixir field and was seen more than once in the market. He never imagined that he met the guy here.

"Irony?" Ye Chen sneered.

His old lover and the old enemy appeared in the wilderness together. Besides, the enemy hunted the lover. What a sarcasm that he would not escape from the irony no matter where he was.

"Junior sister Ji, where do you want to flee?" The youth in purled waved his folding fan gently and followed behind her closely with a mocking smile and lewd look.

She paused, staggered and nearly fell, casting a gruff look at the youth, "Lv Zhi, you can\'t defeat me if you did not plot against me."

"How can you say that? I love you more than you imagine." Lv Zhi smiled wryly and walked towards her.


A sharp sword was unsheathed and pointed at his throat.

"You overestimate yourself." Lv Zhi snorted, flicked the fan and drew a purple whirlpool before him.


Her sword was thrust into the whirlpool as if sucked in a moor and its powerful attacks were consumed by it. As the whirlpool speeded up spinning, the sword also stirred.


Shocked, Ji Ningshuang stepped back and coughed up blood.

"How long can you sustain?" Swift as ghost, he took one step forward smilingly and threw out his fist.

With a tap of her feet, she paced backwards rapidly, wiped the blood of mouth corner by finger and painted the blood between eyebrows.

The bloodstain on her forehead transformed into a lotus at a fast rate.

"The forbidden skill." Ye Chen clenched his fists firmly in the cave.

Knowing his old lover very well, he penetrated that the skill was applied at the cost of her life.

After the lotus sign showed, her long hair turned into snowy and the increasingly cold killing intent boost.

Lv Zhi frowned at her change and seemed to recognize the forbidden skill.

"You think you can beat me up with the forbidden skill?" He smiled coldly. His killing intent reached to its peak and even outdid Ji Ningshuang\'s.

"He has made a breakthrough of the true Yang stage over recent two months." Ye Chen frowned.



Over his contemplation, Ji Ningshuang and Lv Zhi already battled, lots of towering trees being cut down.

Albeit the forbidden skill, she was repressed from beginning because of her injury, unstable breath and the cultivation base inferior to Lv Zhi\'s.

Less than one minute, more cuts appeared on her body. She backed facing his powerful attack.

"Junior sister Ji, give in!" His attack became fierce in his lascivious smile.

Although outdone, she was calm and moved like a butterfly. He white hair and cold temperament added a distinguished charm to her.

"Snowy icy lotus." She linked both hands and directed at Lv Zhi.

All of a sudden, snow dropped between the heavens and earth. The dancing snowflakes gathered into icy lotus. Even though they were beautiful, the lotus flowers were dangerous. Ye Chen once saw the skill when practicing with her.

"Howling wind." Lv Zhi also linked his hands and used a secret skill.