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The masters scrambled for the jade box and fell from the vacant universe with blood splashing. A tragic and bloody scene frightened him with a pale face.

He collected the sabre and wobbled out of the mountain.

Half of the core was favored by the god. He had no ambition to fight for the other half.

His departure did not attract the attention of the masters. In their eyes, a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage was nothing. Their goal was the empty darkness core. No matter what treasures Ye Chen held, they did not care.

He hastened to take out the spell of heaven act, pasted it on his body and scuttled away.



A dozens of mountains collapsed the instant he left.

Frustrated people flew outside.

"Shit. The thunder pearl is inside the jade box." A bleeding elder said gruffly.

"The one inside the box is not the empty darkness core." Some sharp-eyed penetrated, "We\'re fooled. The real one may have been sent away."

"We have fought half night but gain nothing."

"Where is the core now? Seeking it is like looking for a needle in the bottom of a hay."

"What a trick." Gritting teeth, everyone never imagined the elder put a thunder pearl instead of the core.

"What? The other half is missing?" A cold voice sounded in a grand hall at night.

"The information says so. Sect elder third was blocked in the mountains and died. The half empty darkness core escorted by him is gone."


"Investigate. Search the whole empire and look for the half. They piss off the Blood-thirst Palace. I\'ll make them pay for the price for."

Ye Chen dragged his injured body into a cave at midnight.

He fished out some spirit liquid and gulped down a lot. The skills of burning sky ran and healed his cracked bones and meridians.

He sat for a day and a night.

At the deep night of the second day, he exhaled some turbid air and opened eyes.

He was refreshed, all the wounds evaporating and color returning to his pallid face.

He twitched his stiff body and took out the sabre.

The spirit pearl used to seal the core was removed from the sabre and kept intact. Once crushed, the effect of the core would fade.

"I have a good luck." He gazed at the half core sealed by the spirit pearl with sparkling eyes breathlessly.

This was the real one.

The cultivation clans and sects fought for and bid it as high as ten million. After the auction, super masters battled for it and lost lives.

Ye Chen felt surreal with half of the core in hand.

It would change the landscape of the Great Chu Empire in the future. Albeit half, the core sufficed to change the lives of most people.

"The half core decides the future of the empire!" He stroked chin and murmured.


Suddenly, a sound arose outside the cave. He hurried to collect the core, paced to the exit of the cave and looked outside.

His eyebrows knitted.

Outside the cave, a pretty image with right hand covering left shoulder swaggered to him from afar. She seemed to be wounded seriously and hunted.

That girl was Ji Ningshuang.