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Ye Chen struggled to sit up and inspected his body.

The refinement rewarded him. Smooth and resilient bones took place of the old rough ones. A strange golden light hovered above the bones.

His body surface was full of black impurities, which were stinky excrements after the refinement.

Breezes blowing through the gaps of the door and window, Ye Chen felt revitalized all over his body.

Afterwards, as the thin spirit energy between the heavens and the earth started to pool, all his acupoints and pores widened and absorbed the rushing energy, which helped him to nurture bones and meridians, and erase the scars of his bones.

The refinement consumed massive energy. Ye Chen was greedy to inhale the spirit energy between the heavens and the earth, and the sharp pain all over his body vanished gradually. Standing in the whirlpool of spirit energy, Ye Chen felt as though he was bathing in sunlight in winter, with warmth spreading all over his body.

"My efforts are rewarded." Clenching his fists slightly, Ye Chen sensed a stronger body that he had now.

His eyesight, sense of hearing and speed all upgraded. What\'s more, strange power flowed to each corner of his body, and invigorated him.

Ye Chen turned over his body and jumped up after a while.

He took out the jade spirit liquid from his chest, raised his head and gulped down all the liquid.

If someone had been here, he could have prevented Ye Chen from drinking the liquid. Because the spirit liquid was made of the extractions of numerous spirit herbs, and contained tremendous essences. Drinking a whole bottle might burst his elixir field.

But Ye Chen could ignore such worries now.

What he possessed was not an elixir field, but an elixir sea with an extraordinary volume. A hundred bottles of the jade spirit liquid could not explode his elixir sea, let alone one bottle.

After drinking up the jade spirit liquid, Ye Chen energized, just like spring water ran through each meridian. His exhaustion evaporated soon, with all aching bones and meridians nurturing.

At this moment, Ye Chen realized the huge volume that his elixir sea possessed.

The volume of an elixir sea was much larger than that of an elixir field, which suggested that his progress would be much slower than his peers\'.

"Who knows it is a good luck or bad luck to open up an elixir sea at this moment?"

Three hours later, Ye Chen stopped practicing, jumped on a rock and looked up at the starry sky with both hands at the back of his head, sighing.

He was driven out of Zhengyang Sect and became homeless one day ago. It was an illusion that by chance he obtained the true fire and became a disciple of Hengyue Sect.

"Is it the irony of fate?" Ye Chen signed, but still could not conceal the satirical look in his eyes.

Collecting himself, he began to plan his following cultivation.

The big volume of elixir sea brought him not only benefits, but also disadvantages, such as agonizingly slow progress. An intern disciple could get one bottle of jade spirit liquid, but one bottle was far from enough for Ye Chen, a big stomach king.

In this case, he needed to pay more efforts and searched other ways to acquire the liquid.

Ye Chen thought about the tasks within the sect.

Anyone completed the tasks released by the sect would be rewarded generously. In addition, the tasks could inspire disciples to cultivate harder. Ye Chen always took the tasks while in Zhengyang sect. He supposed that the tasks of the two sects were almost same.

Holding Tianque Sword, Ye Chen made up his mind to take part in the tasks, closed his eyes and fell asleep before long.