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Other masters rushed into the mountains and battled. Two majestic mountains collapsed at once, where Ye Chen suffered.

"Shit! Somebody did this on purpose." He crawled out of gravels and cursed the black-haired elder who selected the mountain to hide and brought disaster to him as well.

"Hand in the core." A sharp voice came from the vacant universe. Ye Chen quivered and dodged behind a cave wall.

"Come to get it, if you dare." The elder, a cultivator at the virtual spirit stage, yelled , the eight diagram plate sparkling above his head.

As a super master approaching the empty darkness stage, he did not need to fear anyone even if fighting them alone. But he did not face one, but a group.The consequence would be disastrous if the combat continued.

"Wanna die?" The elder\'s opponents took action as sword shadows, palm prints and spirit tools filled the sky.

The eight diagram plate worked, expanded and defended the elder.



The attacks all hit on the plate.



The plate bombed and elder was harmed and bleeding.

"I\'ll come back." The elder bellowed and pointed at the cosmos.

A whirlpool gulped him at once.

"Wanna leave?" A ferocious strong man snorted, flung his sabre and severed the elder\'s road.

Hurt, the elder fell out of the whirlpool, but numerous attacks arrived before he steadied himself.


As bellows pierced the sky, the elder did not want to reconcile but could not escape from death.

His storage bag also exploded. Its content scattered over the sky, dazzled and fell down.

"The empty darkness core." Someone saw the jade box and stretched his hand.


A trace of sword energy tilted on it cut his arm before he touched it.

The box was ownerless and the core drove everyone crazy. The battle that masters plummeted from the cosmos and blood rained, was fiercer.

Ye Chen was startled at the scene.

The masters overturned mountains and cracked the earth. Anyone of them could kill him easily.

A trace of light, a bloodstained sabre from the elder\'s storage bag, cast upon the sky. It clattered and inserted into the huge stone before him.

Other treasures were neglected because of the violent fight.

He looked around and pulled the sabre out.

As the spirit tool of a cultivator at the virtual spirit stage, the powerful high-ranked sabre could rip everything and showed sword light without the transfusion of vital energy.

"Unexpected harvest." He chuckled and thrust the sabre into his storage bag.

But a nail-sized spirit pearl mounted in it was noticed.

Taking a closer look, he saw half of purple core sealed in the pearl and smelled medicinal aroma.

"Empty darkness core." He gasped and recognized the core because he had seen it in the Hiding Dragon Pavilion.

He realized something.

The core was divided into two halves by the elder, one sealed in the sabre and the other half probably taken away by the elder\'s companions safely or hidden somewhere only known to him.

Ye Chen admired the elder\'s scrupulousness.

The elder never expected that he was the focus of other masters and lost his life here.

"Half is here. The other half is in the jade box snatched by them?" He whispered and looked up at the cosmos.