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Chapter 118: A Chaotic Battle (2)

Translator: Huiting Teng Editor: Lucy

As a yell arose hysterically, the killer could not fend himself off the continuous attacks from a dozen cultivators at the virtual spirit stage, albeit his strong power.



The piece of land became messy in an instant.

Xiong’er and Ye Chen were shocked away in the battle.

The chubby body of Xiong’er fell to the east, smashed a dozen of trees and hit on the ground. More miserable, Ye Chen crushed against a huge stone and nearly died.


The moment he crawling up, a mouthful of blood was vomited out.

He could not see Xiong’er far away clearly in the fight.

“Shit.” Pale, he staggered behind a huge stone and looked up at the cosmos.

There, a dozen of masters at the virtual spirit stage scrambled for a storage bag.

The extraordinary content inside attracted other masters from all the directions to join the fierce fight.

“What beasts they are.” Ye Chen coughed up blood, but did not dare to show up and healed himself rapidly.



As blood splashed in the vacant universe, two masters passed away in the violent battle.



Thunders continued and the noises of the fights in other directions spread here. The bidders previously sitting in the Hiding Dragon Pavilion combated now. The heavens and earth were in chaos.

“Hey, are you alive?” Xiong’er voice arose in the sparkling voice transmission spell on Ye Chen’s waist.

He relieved when hearing Xiong’er’s voice. Xiong’er was also alive.

“Shit, I was nearly murdered by you.” He cursed to the spell.

“It’s a surprise.” Xiong’er coughed, “Slip away now. We can’t stay here any longer. You go to the west, I east. We gather in the Hengyue Sect. Be careful.”

“You too.” Injured, Ye Chen glanced at the cosmos and wobbled to the west.

He speeded up with another spell of thousand miles on his leg.

God did not favor him. When he just slipped away, buzzes sounded from the vacant universe.

When looking from afar, an eight diagram plate--a glaring powerful spirit tool, oppressed a piece of land with its power and even forced Ye Chen to stop.

“The fight is intense.” He rose up and lurched into a mountain.


When he just entered, another buzz arose in the cosmos and a bloody body wobbled there.

“It’s the black-haired elder winning the empty darkness core.” Ye Chen recognized him at his first sight and looked seriously.

The elder must be the target of a great deal of masters. That was not a piece of good news. The mountains would be the battle fields of masters soon.

Indeed. When the elder flew above the mountains, numerous traces of splendid light chased him.


In the east, a dozen of spirit beasts rushed towards him.


In the west, swords pierced the sky with one person standing on each of them and charged towards the black-haired elder.


In the south, clouds rolled and thunders rocked the sky as if a powerful army filled with killing intent galloping.


In the north, gorgeous light arrived at a prompt rate with terrible weapons floating above.

Undoubtedly, a great deal of masters hunted for the empty darkness core.