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Ye Chen and Xiong\'er walked with the crowds to the outside after leaving the Hiding Dragon Pavilion.

"Here you are." Xiong\'er passed two spells of thousand miles to Ye Chen, "Use the spell of heaven act and then the spell of thousand miles when you\'re in danger. The masters go to snatch the empty darkness core. Generally speaking, nobody will rob us."

"I have a sense of foreboding?" Ye Chen mumbled when taking the spells.

"Don\'t worry. Follow me, you\'ll be safe." Xiong\'er confidentially dragged him to the outside.

Flocks swarmed to the exit of the market ahead.

Other bidders also prepared for similar spells for escaping, and ran away the moment they left the market.

Xiong\'er was right. Nothing happened to the cultivators with low cultivation bases.

The masters at the virtual spirit stage all wanted to try their fortune to scramble for the core, with no time to rob the belongings of the inferior cultivators.


Ye Chen and Xiong\'er pasted the spells of thousand mils and scuttled directly towards the instant leaving the market.

In the time an incense stick burning, they rushed for a dozen miles.

"See? Listening to my words is right!" Xiong\'er fished out a drumstick from his crotch while scurrying.

"Hope we can return safely!" Ye Chen watched out their surroundings.



Roars came behind them.

Glimpsing from afar, they saw a hilltop collapsed by a palm.

"Fight starts." They looked behind while steering the direction and speed.

Ye Chen flicked his tongue after the glance.

It was bustling in the direction where the Ghost Black Market lay. Shadows, splendid Xuan skills and gorgeous light scattered over the vacant cosmos.

"Shall we return and have a look?" Xiong\'er turned head to Ye Chen.

"Are you crazy?" He cursed, "The masters of the virtual spirit stage are fighting. We go there to be bullied?"

"Leave that."



Another small hilltop far away from them crumbled in louder noises.

They were stunned.

Numerous masters battled in the vacant universe and came towards them. Thunder continued along their way and mountains fell apart where they passed. Blood splashed and clouded the clean night sky with a bloody veil.

"What you fear comes." Xiong\'er screamed, threw the drumstick and accelerated his speed.

Ye Chen also speeded up. Albeit with the fast spell of thousand miles, the masters behind them were more than ten times faster. It would be tragic if they became their focus.

In the twinkling of an eye, a rainbow drew a curve across the sky. A master was seriously wounded, all his body bloody.

"Hurry, let\'s go." Ye Chen and Xiong\'er mustered all their strength and fled.

"Where are you going?" As a cold bellow came behind, a dozen people chased. A man in the front held a purple killing sword in hand, plunged it towards the injured person at the virtual spirit stage and ripped him into two halves.

As blood painted the starry sky, a storage bag falling from the universe was grabbed by the killer.

"What, you want to own it alone?" When a sneer sounded, the killer was attacked immediately. Spirit tools filled the sky and Xuan skills flooded the killer.


As a hysterical yell arose, the killer could not fend himself off the continuous attacks from a dozen cultivators at the virtual spirit stage, albeit his strong power.



The piece of land became messy in an instant.