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Sect elder Yang did not fish out a crystal jade box from his storage bag until dusk.

Made of spirit jade and sealed, the precious box glowed with scriptures on it. Even so, a purple core lying inside was seen clearly.

"Empty darkness core."

"Yes, it is."

"It comes out finally."

Everyone present fixed their blazing eyes on the jade box with their bodies straight. Some were even breathless, since the core probably would change the landscape of the Great Chu Empire.

"See, the empty darkness core." Xiong\'er in the corner gazed at the jade box and nudged Ye Chen.

"Is it?" Without rubbing his drowsy eyes, he uplifted head at once, stared at the box in the hands of sect elder Yang and saw the purple core inside.

"Is it the core?" He licked his lips.


"None of our business. It\'s more valuable than you."

Sect elder Yang floated the jade box aloft in everyone\'s gaze.

"Empty darkness core may help those at the mid level of the empty darkness stage to advance. But it probably can. The progress is up to the cultivator himself."

"Its base price is five hundred thousand. No less than a thousand spirit stones for each increase. Bid now."

"Five…five hundred thousand?" The price stunned most of the bidders and they swallowed mouthfuls of slaver.

Only the bidders from cultivation clans or sects could afford the core. Most realized the price of the core went beyond their affordability.

"Five hundred and fifty thousand." But there were still some well-offs. They bid immediately and must have disguised.

"Six hundred thousand."

"Eight hundred thousand."

"Eight hundred thousand for the empty darkness core? I bid it for a million."

"One million and a hundred thousand."

"One million and three hundred thousand."

The first bidder caused a chain effect and stirred the Hiding Dragon Pavilion. Each time the price shouted startled the bidders.

In less than one minute, the price of the core rose from five hundred thousand to over two million.

"Two million spirit stones can pile a small hill." Someone raised head as if seeing a spirit-stone hill imagined by himself.

"The empty darkness core will be bid more than eight million." Ye Chen sighed in the corner.

Albeit in disguise, the bidders from the cultivation clans and sect did not bid yet and they were the main force to bid the core.

As Xiong\'er said, it could benefit or destroy one sect or a clan.

"Two million and three hundred thousand."

"Two million and five hundred thousand."

The competition for the core went harsh and its price boosted.

Most bidders had to give up after several rounds of bids. A few million was far from enough. The real bid just began.

"Five million." The high price zipped the mouths of other bidders.

This bidder was aware of the core\'s tremendous value. Three million or even four million was not sufficient. This unknown bidder brought the decisive battle ahead of schedule.

"Five million! Five million!" Thrilled, Xiong\'er grabbed Ye Chen\'s thigh.

"Maybe the bidder comes from your family." Ye Chen also put his hand on Xiong\'er\'s leg and pinched hard. But Xiong\'er was too excited to feel anything.

Five million already defeats most of the bidders. The following was the decisive battle.

"Five million five hundred thousand."

"Six million."

"Six million five hundred thousand."

Ye Chen was right that the core might bid for over eight million. Now the price went beyond the affordability of most clans. No doubted, they had to give in.