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The gate of the Hiding Dragon Pavilion was closed at once.

Everyone sat straight and killed their time. As Xiong\'er said, the private rooms on the second floor were vacant.

Ye Chen looked around and found many new faces. They must have disguised themselves.

He turned to a black-haired elder, and looked him up and down. He might be Wu Changqing from the Zhengyang Sect or Traceless Wind from the Hengyue Sect.

"I sense traps everywhere!" He flicked his tongue.

"It\'s the issues of the masters. None of our business." Xiong\'er was optimistic, whispering, "If my family wins it, it will be the best."

Sect elder Yang paced slowly upon the podium ahead.

He cast a look below and cleared his throat, "Bid now."

A jade box was fished out from his chest.

Albeit sealed, the medicine aroma floating from the slits could be smelled by everyone present.

"Bone-building core. No need to introduce its effect! Base price is fifty thousand. No less than a thousand spirit stones for each increase."

"Fifty thousand." Someone below lifted his sign immediately.

"Sixty thousand."

"Eighty thousand."

The first core caused a stir in the crowd and the auction today would be bustling.

An old man in green bid the core at a hundred and fifty thousand after several rounds of bids.

Sect elder Yang hit his hammer and took another sealed jade box.

"Marrow-washing core. Base price, fifty thousand. Bid now."

"Sixty thousand." To Ye Chen\'s surprise, Xiong\'er was the first bidder. He spared no pains in holding his sign high in both hands

"You dad didn\'t wash marrow for you?" He looked at Xiong\'er in astonishment.

"I bid it for my wife. Ha…ha…ha…"

"Wow! You\'re married. You never tell me." He looked Xiong\'er up and down. This stout guy found a wife. Which girl was so unlucky and married him.

"A hundred thousand." The price of the core uplifted during their conversation.

"A hundred and ten thousand." Shouting, Xiong\'er slapped the desk and jumped.

"A hundred and fifty thousand." The price forced him to give up.

"Alright. You\'re awesome. I give in!" Enraged, he wanted to continue the bid but had to quit because of his poorness. Perhaps his second elder uncle did not lend him too many spirit stones, since he also needed to bid the empty darkness core for his family.

Ye Chen felt sorry for disappointed Xiong\'er. If he did not borrow three hundred thousand, Xiong\'er might have a chance to win the core.

He would remedy for Xiong\'er. His true fire could also function as the marrow-washing core and even better than it. He could help wash the marrow of Xiong\'er\'s wife by the fire.

"It\'s all right if you can\'t win the core. I\'ll take charge of washing marrow for your wife." Ye Chen smiled.

"Can you?"

"Certainly, I can!" He patted his chest. The skill of burning sky could be also applied on others.

Another core was bid when they chatted.

It was a core to maintain youth of women forever. Unexpectedly, a flock of men and elders competed for the core.

"As far as I\'m concerned, more than half of the bidders are women in disguise." Ye Chen mocked.

As the auction went on, roars were caused each time sect elder Yang took out a core, as if torrents had swept across the pavilion.

The auction nearly came to its end.

Xiong\'er bid once again for a core to nurture penis.

But Ye Chen slept most of the time.

One core was bid at eight hundred thousand and won by an unknown master.