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A new day, the last day of the auction, came.

The number of bidders today was twice more than that of previous two days. Everyone looked solemn.

Spirit tools for the first day, mystiques the second day and cores third day. The cores for today seem to be amazing!" Ye Chen said in a deep voice, facing the crowds.

"Of course." Xiong\'er was anxious to try, "The vital core today may change the set up of the Great Chu Empire. "

"So awesome?"

"You know the empty darkness stage?" He turned to Ye Chen.

"Crap. It\'s the peak of cultivation stage. A cultivator at this stage can guarantee the prosperousness of a sect for a thousand years. I only hear of such a master from the Tian Xuan Clan."

"Correct." Xiong\'er edged towards him and said in a low voice, "Do you know what the core for bid at the end of the auction is?"

He shook head.

"Empty darkness core."

"Empty darkness core?" Ye Chen was stunned, "It can advance one\'s cultivation base to the empty darkness stage?"

"I suppose so." Xiong\'er answered ambiguously. "There\'re numerous cultivators at the virtual spirit stage, its peak and even mid level of empty darkness stage among the clans or sects. The core can help those cultivators make breakthrough and advance to the summit. Amazing!"

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows.

If the core was so magical as Xiong\'er described, it would be the most expected item of today\'s auction.

Any sect or clan with a master at the empty darkness stage surely influenced the power landscape of the empire. Xiong\'er did not exaggerate, because a cultivator at the empty darkness stage was formidable.

"Today, the auction must be drastic. Let\'s see. The super masters of all the clans and sects, including my family\'s reach the limit of their lives. They want to advance to the empty darkness stage by the core. Cultivators at the virtual spirit stage with lives of five hundred years at most, however, those at the empty darkness stage, a thousand years. They are dying for the core."

He pointed at the private rooms on the second floor for Ye Chen on particular, "See? No one in the private rooms. Because they change countenances and hide in the crowds on the first floor."

"You mean?"

"The core bears great importance. Its winner can\'t be recognized. I dare to tell, if the bidders from the Blood-thirst Palace get the core today, they must be hunted by other clans or sects. Even though they survive, other clans will ally, march towards the north and attack the Blood-thirst Palace. If the three sects or other clans win the core, the same will also happen to them."

"As you say, a bloody battle can\'t be saved outside the Ghost Black Market after the auction today." Ye Chen answered in a deep tone.

"Theoretically, it\'s so." Xiong\'er nodded. "The bidders from the clans or sect will try their best to conceal their countenances and voices, in case of being recognized."

"The Tian Xuan Clan bids the core to involve all the clans in the empire to fight? I doubt about its motivation."

"Winning the core or not depends your ability. Returning with it safely or not is also up to your capability. The Tian Xuan Clan doesn\'t force you to buy. Am I right? "

"If so, other masters coming to aid from clans and sects must have dodged outside the market." Ye Chen stroked his chin, " There must be a great deal."

"You\'re not so silly."

"We don\'t leave? We\'ll be hurt in the battle among the masters after the auction."

"All of them snatch the core. Nobody will notice us." Xiong\'er responded in an easy manner. He patted Ye Chen\'s shoulder to soothe him when seeing his serous look, "Don\'t worry. I\'ve been here many times. It\'s all right."