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Thrilled in reading, Ye Chen said to himself that the five hundred spirit stones were worthy of the volume.

After hours of reading, he penetrated some profoundness hidden in staff skills. Although it was hard to practice, but staff was not inferior to any other spirit tool if it was wielded to the full extent.

"Excellent." He turned over, leapt up and fished out a long staff from his storage bag.



The vibration caused by the staff when hitting the air continued and came out of the room.

He was immersed in the mysteriousness of the staff, the skill floating in his head.

The staff speeded up its movements.

Shadows of the staff emerged revolving around Ye Chen\'s body. Albeit disorder, the shadows changed according to the track of the staff.

As more shadows ensued, a faint staff square came into being centering around him like a cover.

He finished running the skill until now and released a long breath.

"Staff skill is difficult to practice." He found that staff much harder than he imagined during its application. That was why many cultivators refused to use staffs.

However, he also acquired something after practice.

"The dancing staff shadows form a square can be used for attack or defense. Can the theory be applied in sword?"

Ye Chen sitting on bed and contemplating, hoped to find something in common between the staff skill and sword application. If his idea made sense, his attack and guard power would be enhanced.

He found his method feasible after one-hour consideration.

He bounced up and unsheathed the sharp Cloud Crimson Sword.

Lunged forward, the sword retrieved, swerved, and slanted.

All his moves went slowly according to the Tiangang Staff Skill.

His eyebrows stretched and wrinkled, as the moves proceeded one after another.

Albeit with some similarities, staff and sword skills also differed. It was hard for him to practice sword by staff skills. Only by seeking the commonness between them, could he come up with a sword square resembling the Tiangang Staff Skill.



Buzzing, the Crimson Cloud Sword was waved with shadows.

As the moves of his sword accelerated, more shadows in muddle revolved around him. The form of the square was primary, and it would be easily broken and blocked for its low attack and defense power.

He collected the Crimson Cloud Sword until dawn.


Exhaling, Ye Chen turned over, jumped on the bed, and placed both hands behind head with eyes closed. The mystiques of staff and sword repeated in his mind.

It was a long process for him to penetrate the sword skills from the Tiangang Staff Skill.

He needed a long time to practice and apply the skills, just like a blacksmith cast a good sword after thousands of times.

"The weapons all over the world have its own characteristics but also similarities." Ye Chen opened his eyes and realized something.

"No matter what spirit tools they are, they bear something in common. Forefathers can conclude a set of skills, so can I. Time is not the point, but comprehension. "