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When Ye Chen returned to the hotel, Xiong\'er was in his room already.

Shiny spirit stones brimmed with the bed where he sat.


Ye Chen sat beside him.

"Fatty, so many spirit stones!" He picked up some and thrust them into chest.

Xiong\'er\'s chubby face darkened at once.

"Your family is wealthy!" Ye Chen was about to take some more, but Xiong\'er poured all the spirit stones into his storage bag in one stroke.

"I borrowed them from my second elder uncle. Leave your hand off them." He cursed and placed the storage bag into his crotch.

Ye Chen stroked his nose tip and coughed.

He was moved by Xiong\'er help during the auction these two days. Otherwise, he might lose the chance to win the iron whip or staff skill.

"Don\'t worry, I\'ll pay back all the spirit stones."

"Of course, you\'ll. You owe me."


He edged towards Xiong\'er , nudged him with a finger and winked at him, "It\'s said that lots of spirit stones are exploited from the mine of your family. Right?"

Xiong\'er resented, "Don\'t mention the mine. It causes a great deal of troubles for my family. Its spirit stones aren\'t enough for family members to see a doctor. "

"Really?" Ye Chen did not trust his words, "Who dares to piss off your family except Clan Qin in the Nanjiang area?"

"A lot." Xiong\'er cursed, "Clan Qi frequents us to make troubles. The loose cultivators aren\'t easily to be satisfied, like the Black Mountain elder coming for the auction. They\'re also trouble makers. If we give them less spirit stones, it\'s not enough for them to divide themselves. If we give them more, we can\'t withstand. My family\'ll be merged if grandpa isn\'t alive."

"Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard." Ye Chen sighed. Cultivation clans incurred attacks easily albeit their glories.

"Just endure!" He waved head helplessly, twisted around and walked out of Xiong\'er\'s room.

He sat in lotus position after returning to his room.

Calm and concentrated, he ran the skills of burning sky.



His bones clattered and the true fire enwrapped the meridians and bones all over his body. Tearing pain forced him to roar. But he lowered his voice in case of disturbing Xiong\'er.

The skill of burning sky ran for three hours and the nurture of bones also lasted for three hours. Afterwards, he exhaled some turbid air.

"My eighth level of the Qi condensation stage is cemented." Refreshed, Ye Chen twisted his stiff body.

The Tiangang Staff Skill was taken out.

"Five hundred thousand." The price broke his heart. But it was worthwhile for him to buy Hu Wa an valuable staff skill.

The seal of the skill was released by him easily.

He began to read the volume and comprehended its mystiques in the dim candle light.

The skill benefited him a lot.

The staff and spear were the most two difficult to practice among spirit tools. The Tiangang Staff Skill not only introduced detailed mystiques about staff but also expounded many other skills.

It was classified into two types: attack and defense. The adept practitioner could apply the skill by virtue of the shadows of his staff.