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"What do you think? Do you have an interest?" Sect elder Yang revealed a warm smile when seeing Ye Chen in trance.

He laughed hollowly, "Sect elder, are you making fun of me? I\'m just a young cultivator at the Qi condensation stage. How can I be favored by you?"

"Cultivation base is not the problem. We value your talent as well as your true fire." Sect elder Yang chuckled like an amiable grandfather.

His words were genuine and Ye Chen must respond honestly.

"Sect elder, if I join the Tian Xuan Clan, I have nothing to do with the Great Chu Empire or anything relevant?" He asked politely.

"Members of the Tian Xuan Clan must separate themselves from the disputes among other clans or sects. The rule was set by the previous clan masters."

"So it is!" Ye Chen muttered, stroking his chin.

Albeit its mysteriousness and power, the clan required some restrictions must be conformed with. Breaking away from the Great Chu Empire sent him, grown up there, complicated feelings. Besides, he would return to the Zhengyang Sect to revenge one day.

"Don\'t rush to answer me. Consider my suggestion. I\'ll keep my words forever." Sect elder Yang grinned when finding Ye Chen\'s hesitation.

"Alright. Thank you, sect elder. I\'ll consider it carefully." He bowed with hands folded in front, turned around and left the hall.

The elder in purple who asked him to break the witchcraft spell came outside.

"Chief master, the Great Chu Empire enjoys numerous young geniuses. And most are talented than him. Why invite him alone?" In puzzle, Sect elder Yang looked at the elder in purple, "Because of his true fire?"

"Of course not." He stroked his beard and said in a deep tone, "The boy is not that simple as his appearance shows. He is not the most talented, but exceptional. His true fire is stronger than the common ones. The most important is his bloodline…"

"Do we need to ask her Excellency\'s approval?" Sect elder Yang glanced at the elder in purple.

"I want to ask for her advice." He replied in rage, "She leaves the Tian Xuan Clan to me and enjoys an easy life herself. Who knows where she hangs around now?"

Ye Chen put on the mask, walked out of the Hiding Dragon Pavilion and captured two traces of familiar energy.

"On his east side is Hua Yun and west side Ji Ningshuang."

He pretended as if not noticing them and stepped into the noisy street with crowds.

Ye Chen walked and stopped by the stalls to pick the items sometimes.

Hua Yun and Ji Ningshuang hid themselves and followed him for a dozen of streets.

"You can follow me?" He stopped at a stall, lowered head to see the goods and smiled coldly, "You guys don\'t think what I did before."

Another identity of Ye Chen had to be mentioned.

More than a disciple, he was also a member of the Intelligence Pavilion. Developed in his boyhood, he always collected information out of the sect, adept at tailing after others.

His penetration outdid others\'. How to deal with being tracked was one of his compulsive courses.

With cultivation bases higher than Ye Chen\'s, Hua Yun and Ji Ningshuang were inferior to him in tracking.

He still feigned as if nothing had happening and led them through a dozen of streets more.

When darkness fell, Hua Yun from east and Ji Ningshuang from west gathered, but Ye Chen disappeared.

"An awesome guy!" Hua Yun said coldly, angry at losing him.

"His cultivation base may be higher than ours." Silent as Ji Ningshuang was, she whispered, "Or he probably is good at information collection and hard to follow."