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Ye Chen found a small hilltop.

With verdant trees and a lush growth of flowers and grass, the hilltop was rather small compared with the three main peaks.


Exhaling, Ye Chen inserted Tianque Sword in front of him, and cut one of his fingers. The sword belonged to him from the second a drop of his blood fell on it.

The blood melted into the sword soon.

However, with a green light flashing Tianque Sword vibrated, and massive information rushed into Ye Chen\'s brain aggressively.


A sudden sharp pain in brain made him hold his head and moan in a low voice.

But the pain disappeared as fast as it came.

After a short time, Ye Chen shook his head, blue veins on his forehead faded, and his dizzy eyes became clear. He could not suppress his ecstasy on his face.

"Burn the sky and refine the body." Ye Chen said breathlessly.

He was delirious. His blood released the seal of the sword, and revealed the secret skill hidden in the sword.

"I find a treasure." Oppressing his excitement, Ye Chen sat on the ground in lotus position and comprehended the profound secret skill.

He discovered that the skill taught how to refine body.

"Refine body and extract marrow, forge tendon and establish meridians; burn heart and blood, and grind skin and flesh."

Ye Chen did not notice his that heart beat fast while he spoke. These characters were the best interpretation of the skill.

Exactly, the skill was to refine the body. Every inch of skin, each bone and meridian would be refined. As a comprehensive approach to refine body, the pain brought by practicing equaled Lingchi.

"Which madman created such a secret skill?" Ye Chen opened his eyes and clicked his tongue. The skill was really powerful.

Afterwards, hot light showed in his eyes.

Refining the body required the cultivator to bear unbelievable pain, and also brought some benefits. The cultivator who reached the highest level of this skill could be invincible and even topple mountains and overturn seas.

Anyone wanted to practice the skill needed to be qualified. Containing the character "burning", the secret skill asked its cultivators to possess the element of fire.

Ye Chen realized that the skill was customized for him and he was destined to acquire it. He had an advantage to practice the skill-- the powerful flame inside his body.

"Now that God asks me to find you, I will make full use of you." Ye Chen said to himself and made up his mind to practice the secret skill.

He took a deep breath and closed eyes slowly.

After a quarter\'s breath adjustment and comprehension, Ye Chen began to refine his body instructed by the skill which he already knew very well.


Once the skill began to play its effect, Ye Chen\'s bones collided and the true fire in his elixir sea burned all over his body.

"Shit! It hurts so much!" He could not help groaning, tortured by such a sudden sharp pain.




The sound kept ringing, and Ye Chen did find his 720 acupuncture points burst open successively. As his bones continued refining, eight extraordinary meridians were opened as well.


Ye Chen roared, as each bone and every inch of his skin seemed to be torn apart. He was so painful that nearly fainted.



His bones began to fracture inch by inch, but the fractures healed by themselves. All the bones kept fracturing and healing all along.

Ye Chen felt as if his body was prodded by thousands of needles, with bulged blue veins on his forehead and blood-shot dark eyes.

Three hours later, powerless Ye Chen fell on the ground.

He ran a small circulation reluctantly, but the first practice almost took his life.

"I am gambling with my life!" Ye Chen was breathless with a pale face, and perspiration rolled down along his back.

Though he suffered a lot, an ecstatic look could be seen in his eyes.

Ye Chen knew that body refinement could not be achieved in one day, but hard work in endless time. He had a long and tough way to go. In each practice he was reborn in the sharp pain as if his body was ripped.