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The auction went on.

Albeit competed by the bidders, other Xuan skills were not so popular as the Tiangang Staff Skill.

Night fell.

"That\'s all for today." The voice of the sect elder Yang arose in the Hiding Dragon Pavilion.

Everyone present stood up, flicked their tongues and glanced at Ye Chen with a wolf-head mask before leaving. He bid the staff skill at five hundred thousand and disgraced the Zhengyang Sect. That was the most heated topic during the auction today.

"The young generation outperforms the old." A white-haired elder of Clan Situ from the Xishu area glimpsed at Ye Chen, stroking his beard.

"Elder Situ, the boy is more excellent, compared with you in youth." An old man in white of Clan Shangguan from the Dongyue area teased.

"You guys, leave some to me in the auction tomorrow." The middle-aged beautiful woman in red of Clan Wang from the Beichuan area cast an angry look at them.

Most of the bidders flicked a glimpse at Ye Chen before leaving.

"You\'re well known this time." Xiong\'er observed clearly and watched out everyone looking at Ye Chen.

"Evilness!" Ye Chen rubbed his eyebrows.

The bidders of the Qingyun Sect came down from the second floor. The sect elder in green and the old lady glanced at Ye Chen, but the youth in purple looked into his eyes while waving his folding fan gently.

"Interesting." The youth mocked.

"You broke my elixir field. I\'ll revenge on you one day." He turned away head and clenched his fists. The youth also destroyed all his cultivation that day in such a satirical manner.

Traceless Wind from the Hengyue Sect followed them.

He was a real master. Thick black hair hung like a waterfall. With a long sword his shadow looked like a mountain, and temperament an unsheathed sharp sword. Tenderness and kindness revealed when he looked at Ye Chen.

The bidders from the Blood-thirst Palace frowned when observing him from afar.

"Sect elder, have you smelled familiar scent from the boy?" The young man in white robe turned around to the grey-haired man beside him.

"His energy conceals. I can\'t penetrate." The grey-haired man mumbled and walked out of the pavilion one step ahead, "Notice him. We might meet him somewhere."

The bidders from the Zhengyang Sect ensued.

Wu Chang Qing\'s sullen old face came into Ye Chen\'s eyes.

"Brat, you\'ll die miserably." His eyes dripping with killing intent were seen clearly from afar.

Albeit unwillingly, Ye Chen\'s stare met Ji Ningshuang\'s beautiful eyes.

Looking at his old lover from a distance, he hurt. Eyebrows wrinkling and astonishment glinting in eyes, she sensed familiarity from Ye Chen\'s eyes.

He just twisted around without staring.

Other bidders paced out, and Ye Chen came to the hall behind the pavilion.

"Boy, you\'re the focus today!" Sect elder Yang laughed, and saw through his masked face.

"Sect elder, you\'re kidding." He took off the mask and touched nose tip, because nothing could be concealed before sect elder Yang.

Spirit stones were handed in, and the staff skill got. He was called when about to leave.

"What\'s up?" He looked at sect elder Yang in confusion.

"Would you like to join the Tian Xuan Clan?" Sect elder Yang chuckled and stroked his white moustache.

Ye Chen was astounded.

The mysterious and powerful Tian Xuan Clan was respected by the Blood-thirst Palace and other three sects. He never imagined that it would invite him, a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage.

He was dizzy for the unexpected invitation. How could he be chosen by the clan?

Because of his true fire?

Except that, he could not figure out what trait aroused its appreciation.