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But it was one of the reasons.

His banishment, the eternal hurt, still disturbed his thought. Besides, his disdain of Wu Changqing\'s peremptoriness drove him to do something mad.

"What a fair bid." Wu Changqing laughed grimly in the private room.

"The Zhengyang Sect bids two hundred and fifty thousand."

"Five hundred thousand." Ye Chen lifted his sign.


Dear me!

Oh, my gosh!

Other bidders were amazed at Ye Chen\'s price that they inhaled the tea in mouth.

"What\'s up?" The pavilion was noisy.

"The staff skill is so precious?"

"How dare the boy is! He competes with the Zhengyang Sect."

"Five hundred thousand spirit stones! What a fortune! Yesterday an old iron whip captured attention, today a staff skill. The poor things are bid at high prices. What\'s going on?"

In the corner, Ye Chen was the focus in the bustling pavilion.

The bidders in the private rooms of the second floor opened the bead curtains and cast surprising looks down, such as the sect elders from the cultivation clans, Traceless Wind from the Hengyue Sect and the three masters at the virtual spirit stage from the Blood-thirst Palace.

Wu Changqing\'s look kept changing, from sullen to harsh and even ferocious.

He had lost face yesterday, so did he today.

Losing the staff skill not only disgraced him but also the Zhengyang Sect.

"He bids for the useless skill regardless everything, but traps himself!" Someone satirized.

The person was the elder named Zhuge, who sold Ye Chen Xuan iron and Xuan steel yesterday. As a master hand, he did not fear the Zhengyang Sect and spoke straightforward.

Wu Changqing\'s face burned.


He smashed the table and chair next to him and was prevented by Hua Yun and Ji Ningshuang behind while ready to bid.

"Sect elder, our goal is the Empty Darkness core."

"Please think for a while. Don\' waste more spirit stones on the worthless staff skill."

Hua Yun and Ji Ningshuang\'s persuasion woke up furious Wu Changqing.

His grip in sleeve clanged, and a cold killing intent surged in his chest. He would have killed Ye Chen without the ban of fight.

"Check who he is!" He took a deep breath and controlled his anger, "I want to see who is so dare! I\'ll make him die miserably."

A thrilling auction ended.

Even the sect elder Yang on the podium sighed.

How ridiculous the world was.

He never expected that the iron whip and the staff skill, both ignored by the Tian Xuan Clan, were bid as high as five hundred thousand.

Settled. Ye Chen obtaind the Tiangang Staff Skill as his wish.

"I lose all of my fortune again." Xiong\'er dropped his head on the table, "Dear, I need to borrow some money from my second elder uncle!"

"Three hundred thousand, I\'ll pay you back with interests." Ye Chen patted Xiong\'er\'s shoulder.

Eyes sparkling, he wrote down something with the pen and paper from his crotch, wiped snot and passed the paper to Ye Chen, "In case of going back on your words, come, sign your name!"