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"It\'s not useful for me, but helpful to Hu Wa." Ye Chen looked ahead.

This staff skill was neglected. No one bid after sect elder Yang\'s announcement.

On the podium, he frowned.

"Staff is difficult to practice. Useless." Most bidders did not intend to participate in the bid of the Tiangang Staff Skill.

"I can consider it if it\'s mystique of sword."

"It\'s not popular. Nobody wants it!"

Hearing the discussion, Ye Chen relieved that many bidders quitted this bid.

"Nobody wants it?" Sect elder Yang looked around the bidders and asked impatiently.

Bidders below neglected his question. Obviously, they did not want the staff skill.

Albeit with psychological preparation, he was awkward.

"Alright, the bid of this staff fails. We…"

"I want it. I want it." Ye Chen hurried to lift his sign before sect elder Yang finished his utterance, "Sect elder, thirty-one thousand, I want the skill."


His reply drew the attention of some bidders, who were surprised that staff was practiced.

No one raised the price after Ye Chen bid.

Sect elder Yang rubbed his eyebrows, and elevated the hand with hammer, ready to knock.

Before his hammer hit, an inappropriate voice arose in the private room of the Zhengyang Sect on the second floor, "Forty thousand, the Zhengyang Sect will take it."

In the corner, Ye Chen flicked a gruff look at the private room on the second floor, "Wu Changqing, it\'s you again. You\'re silent when no one bids. I come to bid, you come to snatch. "

"Forty thousand. Anyone increases? If no one adds, then…"

"A hundred thousand." Ye Chen interrupted sect elder Yang and raised the price.

"Someone competes with Wu Changqing?" A stir was caused among the bidders.

"Is he the boy pissing off Wu Changqing yesterday?"

"I don\'t think so. Yesterday the boy wore a ghost-head mask. Today the one\'s with a wolf-head mask."

Wu Changqing\'s face darkened again.

Yesterday, he did not mean to bid for the iron whip, counting on his strong background, however, someone won the whip accidentally with five hundred thousand. He disgraced not only himself but also the Zhengyang Sect.

Today, someone competed with him again. Fury smouldered in his chest. Albeit the useless staff skill, he disallowed others to violate his authority.

"A hundred and fifty thousand." Wu Changqing answered in a sharp voice.

"Two hundred thousand." Ye Chen followed bidding in the corner.

"Hey, are you serious?" Xiong\'er dragged Ye Chen\'s clothes, and covered his crotch, predicting that Ye Chen was going to borrow spirit stones.

"Prepare three hundred thousand spirit stones." Ye Chen looked at him.

"Damn you! You just returned them to me!" Xiong\'er twitched his lips.

"Boy, you know whom you\'re competing with?" Wu Changqing\'s cold voice came from the private room on the second floor.

"The auction is fair. Anyone bidding high gets the item. Sect elder, you oppresses others with your power?" Neither humble nor arrogant, Ye Chen smiled coldly.

Mustering all his courage, he decided to compete with Wu Changqing, and buy the staff skill for Hu Wa at the cost of his entire wealth. Mystiques about staff were rare, and he could not miss this one.