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"I have no chance." Xiong\'er bent over his chair hopelessly.

"What beasts they are." Ye Chen was also disappointed. His vital energy belonged to the element of fire, and the One Yang Finger was suitable to him. However, he could do nothing because of his poorness.

"Five hundred and fifty thousand." The voice ignited Xiong\'er and Ye Chen\'s eyes, because the bidder was Xiong\'er\'s second elder uncle.

"Unbelievable!" Xiong\'er rubbed his hands and stared at a sturdy man ahead with his small sparkling eyes.

He never expected his family also joined the bid of the One Yang Finger and bid for it a price higher than that of other cultivation clans. In such a case, he could learn the skill without spending a spirit stone.

Ye Chen also rubbed his hands. Given his friendship with Xiong\'er, it was possible for him to learn the skill.

In the private room of the second floor, the sect elder from Clan Qi gazed at Xiong\'er\'s second elder uncle with a poker face and said coldly, "Xiong Dashan, you\'re so bold."

"You dare to add?" His forceful answer zipped the sect elder\'s mouth.

"Clan Qi is your family\'s rival?" Ye Chen captured some hints from the conversation between Xiong Dashan and the sect elder, and turned to Xiong\'er.

"Of course." Xiong\'er cursed angrily, "The feud between my family and Clan Qi began from my ancestors. We always fight because of a spirit stone mine. "

"So it is!"

"Five hundred and fifty thousand. Anyone add more?" Sect elder Yang on the podium glimpsed at the private room of Clan Qi and looked below.

Both Ye Chen and Xiong\'er relieved that the three sects and the Blood-thirst Palace did not join the bid.


Sect elder Yang set the tune with one beat of the hammer.

He took out a jade slip with the words—"Lingyun Step" on it, after collecting away the ancient volume.

"Lingyun Step is a skill about moves. Bottom price is thirty thousand."

Inferior to the One Yang Finger, the Lingyun Step could not resist the bidders\' roaring seizure, since it stemed from the Tian Xuan Clan.

"Fifty thousand."

"Seventy thousand."

"A hundred thousand."

Albeit bustling, the Lingyun Step\'s auction was not intense as One Yang Finger. At last, a man in black robe bid it at a hundred and thirty thousand.

The auction proceeded.

Each secret skill caused a stir inside the pavilion. As the climax rose and fell, the cultivation clans, the three sects, the Blood-thirst Palace and some seclusive masters joined the price race.

Ye Chen and Xiong\'er bid as well, but their prices were oppressed.

"Damn! They\'re beasts." Xiong\'er bent over the desk and swore at others continuously.

"They\'re wealthy." Ye Chen was dispirited after setbacks. He did not dare to bid anymore, because the spirit stones in his storage bag embarrassed him.

"Tiangang Staff Skill, cultivators majoring at staff can consider it." Sect elder Yang took out an ancient volume, "Base price is thirty thousand. No less than a thousand for each increase. Bid now."

"Staff skill?" Ye Chen raised his head off the desk and stared at the podium with his blazing eyes.

"You don\'t practice staff. Why so excited?" Xiong\'er glimpsed at Ye Chen.

"It\'s useful to Hu Wa!"