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The Ghost Black Market bathed in warm sunlight in the morning.

The auction for today began. Cultivators from pavilions all flocked towards the Hiding Dragon Pavilion in the middle.

"You want the pellet?" Xiong\'er took out a pellet to disguise voice and countenance and gave it to Ye Chen before leaving.

Ye Chen glanced at Xiong\'er \'s crotch and coughed, "Leave it to yourself!"

He fished out a wolf-head mask from storage bag and wore it, refusing Xiong\'er kindness because of the disgusting pellet.

"Alright." Xiong\'er swallowed two pellets.

He became a stout elder with moustache on his chin and shortened. But he did not look like an old man.

The two came to the Hiding Dragon Pavilion with the crowds.

They began to eat in a corner upon arrival and glimpsed at the entrance of the pavilion.

The cultivators from the clans of the Great Chu Empire streamed inside. Especially the bidders from feuds clans seemed to fight in the price race with gloomy looks.

The representatives from the three sects arrived and the ones from the Blood-thirst Palace reached finally.

Ye Chen saw Wu Changqing\'s sullen look. His disgrace yesterday was the biggest laughing stock. Furious, he promised to take Ye Chen\'s life.

"Don\'t be arrogant today. Otherwise I\'ll make you pay for the price." Ye Chen sneered and cast a glimpse at Wu Changqing.

"Behave yourself today." Xiong\'er mumbled while stuffing food in mouth, "Don\'t find trouble for yourself. Wu Changqing is difficult to deal with."

"I see."

The bidders walked towards their positions.

All of them fixed their eyes on the high podium ahead.

According to the routine, spirit tools were for yesterday\'s auction and Xuan skills for today.

"Whether I can get a Xuan skill or not this time." Discussion started before the auction.

"It\'s said the Xuan skills for this auction are all amazing!"

"So what? None of our business."

Sect elder Yang, the host of the auction standing on the high podium, looked below, "Auction starts now."

An ancient volume taken out by him dazzled the bidders\' eyes.

"One Yang Finger." He introduced the volume floating aloft, "Refine the true Yang energy, and gather it in one finger. It\'s useful for bidders with the element of fire. "

"Base price fifty thousand. Bid begins."

"Sixty thousand." Someone lifted his sign high.

"Clan Qi bids two hundred thousand. " A sect elder in grey from Clan Qi in the Nanjiang area was the second bidder.

The proud man lay leisurely in his chair with a joking look. His price forced other bidders back to their seats, including Xiong\'er.

"Shit, I want to bid." Xiong\'er kept cursing.

"Cultivation clans are well off." Ye Chen sighed.

"Two hundred and ten thousand." A beautiful middle-aged woman in red from Clan Wang in the Beichuan area increased the price.

Clan Wang was stronger than Clan Qi. The woman must penetrate the value of the skill and would not give in easily.

"Two hundred and fifty thousand." Clan Situ from the Xishu area joined the bid and added forty thousand more.

"Three hundred thousand." Clan Shangguan from the Dongyue area pushed the bid to its climax.

"Three hundred and ten thousand."

"Three hundred and fifty thousand."

Cultivation clans bid one after another. The price reached as high as five hundred thousand in less than one minute. Loose cultivators revealed helpless looks.