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Remaining the same as before, the iron staff floated quietly in the little gourd and the purple air surrounding bore no relation with it.

After some time, Ye Chen put back the little purple gold gourd exasperatedly, "Shit. I spent five hundred thousand spirit stones on an old iron staff."


The little gourd seemed to be spirit intelligent and shook when hearing Ye Chen\'s curse, as if expressing its discontentment, "don\'t stuff everything into my belly".


The black iron staff was vomited by the little gourd and clattered on the ground.

"So grumpy." Ignoring the little gourd, he twitched lips and picked up the black staff.

It was an iron whip, black all over, not only rusty but also bumpy, nothing special.

"You captured true fire\'s attention. I don\'t believe you\'re a common whip." Ye Chen did not give up, but wrapped the whip with his true fire.

Golden flames burned and raised the temperature in the room immediately.

Ye Chen frowned that the whip changed little in the blazing true fire.

"Try again." He enhanced burning.

But the whip still remained the same.

Three hours later, he collected the true fire.

Three-hour burning did not melt the whip but wore him out.

"I don\'t believe it." Ye Chen fished out the Crimson Cloud Sword, infused all of his true energy into it and ripped it towards the whip.


Metal tearing, the sword quivered and was thrown away. He stepped back with his numb arm.

"So tough!"

He picked up the sword and found a small break on it. But the whip still planted on the ground without being harmed a little by the sword.

"What\'s it made of?" Ye Chen looked the whip up and down after collecting away the Crimson Cloud Sword.

The whip neglected the true fire and even damaged the sword a little bit. How marvelous its material was. It was worthwhile to spend five hundred spirit stones on a solid whip. Ye Chen comforted himself with the idea.

"It can be used to plunge at someone." Choking his chin, he flipped over his hand and took away the iron whip.

He fished out Xuan steel and Xuan iron from the storage bag.

In stark contrast, the Xuan iron was black and hard, but the Xuan steel shiny and soft. The two\'s combination must be the perfect option to make weapons.

True fire emerged, and Ye Chen took out the Crimson Sword again. Enwrapped by the fire, the extraction refined from the Xuan iron and Xuan steel was integrated with the Crimson Cloud Sword.

It was a long process.

Sweaty, he extinguished the true fire until sunrise.



The buzz of the sword brimmed the room.

Now, the sword outdid before. Crimson still, it was surrounded by sword energy without the transfusion of vital energy. Sword blade showed sometimes and its sharpness stunned Ye Chen.

"Very good." He could not take his hands off the Crimson Cloud Sword, because he made it himself.