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Hanging about, Ye Chen found nothing to buy and left the busy and noisy street.

Upon Ye Chen\'s arrival at the hotel, Xiong\'er sprang to and seized him, screaming, "You dick, I think you\'re murdered secretively."

"As you said, fights are forbidden during the auction. Wu Changqing doesn\'t dare to revenge on me here." Ye Chen fished out a storage bag from chest and thrust it into Xiong\'er\'s hand, "See? Your spirit stones, three hundred thousand."

Xiong\'er took the bag, flicked a look inside and stared at Ye Chen with his small eyes in surprise, "You still have spirit stones?"

"I picked them!"

"Pick…?" Xiong\'er followed behind Ye Chen, "Where did you get them? I want to collect a basket of spirit stones."

"The Tian Xuan Clan." Ye Chen stretched his body, waved hands and returned to his room, "I\'m exhausted today. Need to sleep earlier."

Xiong\'er wanted to ask further, but Ye Chen already closed his door.

"Pick spirit stones in the Tian Xuan Clan. I\'m a fool if I believe you." Xiong\'er whispered, grabbed the heavy storage bag and laughed.

Ye Chen locked his door after returning to his room and took out the little purple gold gourd.

Last night, his body seemed to burn after he drank the spirit liquid in the little gourd and his head pounded as if exploding. Now he had not shuddered off the fear yet.

"Body burning, head hurting, and my cultivation base jumping to the eighth level of the Qi condensation stage. Something wrong with the spirit liquid. " Ye Chen mumbled and poured a drop of liquid from the little gourd.

Purple and crystal, the spirit liquid glimmered in purple light, and integrated with the jade spirit liquid and the liquidation of vital energy. Its thick medicinal aroma was refreshing at the first smell.

"Nothing wrong." Ye Chen stared at it for a while and stroked his chin, "It\'s the same as usual."

He gulped down the drop of spirit liquid.

This drop melted into his body and transformed into intense spiritual energy like before. The dryness-heat of last night did not appear.

"So strange." Ye Chen scratched his head when discovering no problem.

He drained several drops of spirit liquid continuously, however, his body did not experience the eerie pain of last night but warmth all over.

"It\'s so weird." Ye Chen murmured, collected his thought and took out the black iron staff won in the auction today.

"I bid you for five hundred thousand spirit stones. Don\'t disappoint me." Ye Chen insert the iron staff into the bottle neck of the purple gold gourd.


The little gourd vibrated when the staff was thrust inside.

Ye Chen rubbed his hands, gazed at the purple gold gourd with sparkling eyes and hoped the little gourd to find out the secret of the iron staff.

However, the little gourd just stood still on the desk after the vibration and sent out some streamy purple air only.

"That\'s all?" Astounded, Ye Chen picked up the little gourd, shook it and peeped inside through the bottle neck.

Remaining the same as before, the iron staff floated quietly in the little gourd and the purple air surrounding bore no relation with it.

After some time, Ye Chen put back the little purple gold gourd exasperatedly, "Shit. I spent five hundred thousand spirit stones on an old iron staff."