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He scanned the note, which said, "The iron staff is the gift for you. Five hundred thousand spirit stones are returned."

"What a sect elder from the Tian Xuan Clan!" Ye Chen stroked his chin.

He walked out of the hall to the street happily. As the five hundred thousand spirit stones came back, he was confident with a settled heart.

It was late. Many people still streamed in the street and vendors shouted.

Ye Chen did not go back at once but hang around, flicked his looks on the stalls at the sides of the street and looked for the Xuan steel and Xuan iron.

Finally, he stopped before an obscene old man\'s stall.

"Xuan steel and Xuan iron." Ye Chen paused and fixed his eyes upon two irregular stones. Egg-sized, one was black and the other snowy.

His arrival did not capture the old man\'s attention. He gazed at the women passer-bys, and smiled lasciviously.

Ye Chen wanted to kick the old man at the first sight of him.

"Hey, I take away your things."


The old man twisted around, coughed and wiped out the salver at the corner of his mouth. He changed a new face, and stroked his moustache, pretending to be a master.

Mouth twitching, Ye Chen marveled at the old man\'s excellent acting skills. A second ago, he stared at beauties with lewd looks, but after a second, he transformed into a master. And his feign could cheat others.

"I know you can recognize my goods. All of them are treasures, and wait for their buyers." The old man tugged his moustache again, and revealed his lustful smile.


Ye Chen did not think so. Almost all the vendors spoke highly of their goods and he was used to that.

"I want this Xuan iron and Xuan steel." Ye Chen pointed the steel and iron without delay.

"A hundred thousand." The old man stretched up one finger.

"Fifty thousand." Ye Chen spoke out his price. The old man\'s price was the same as Zhou Dafu\'s. If so, he did not need to come here.

"You\'re good at bargaining!" The old man answered angrily.

"My master taught me to bargain and reduce the price by 50%." Ye Chen cast an innocent look at him.

"I…" The old man nearly burst into rage but controlled himself, "Ninety thousand, at least."

"Sixty thousand."


Ye Chen tried his best to bargain, but unexpectedly the old man promised without hesitation.

"Pay me now. Come on." Urgent, the old man thrust the Xuan iron and Xuan steel into Ye Chen\'s hand and hurried to clear away his stall.

Ye Chen put his hand into storage bag in astonishment.

"Zhuge, you dick!" A curse came from afar before Ye Chen fished out the spirit stones.

He glanced and found a stout elder storming here from nearby.

Ye Chen figured out why the old vendor made a haste to leave, because someone wanted to fight with him.

He still took out the spirit stones and intended to pay.

However, the old vendor scurried before Ye Chen passed the spirit stones to him.

"Damn you." The plump elder roared past after the old vendor. The noisy street was stirred up by the two old men.

"He leaves?" Ye Chen had a hollow cough and had to stuff the spirit stones into his storage bag.