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"Of course." The old man in purple smiled, "I\'ve seen numerous true fires, but it\'s my first time to see a gold one like yours."

"But my true fire is not that powerful." Ye Chen rubbed head.

"Bred between the heavens and the earth, true fire is born with spirit intelligence and also restricted by its master\'s cultivation base. You\'re at the Qi condensation stage, and the capability of your true fire corresponds to your cultivation base. Moreover… "

The elder paused and looked at Ye Chen, "Your true fire hasn\'t woken up yet."

"Wake up?" Ye Chen was increasingly puzzled.

"I can tell you it\'s not the common true fire. From my point of view, it\'s stronger than any other true fire I\'ve ever seen." The elder seemed to hide something, because the more that he revealed might do Ye Chen no good.

He wanted to know more, but controlled his desire and gave up inquiring.

"Come on!" The elder lifted his arm and stretched up palm.

Ye Chen also elevated his arm at once and pressed his palm against the elder\'s.

As he summoned his thought, the true fire surged, rushed into the elder\'s arm through his palm, and transformed into traces of flames, enwrapping the spells closely.

"Magic blood." The elder\'s eyes deepened when he touched Ye Chen\'s body.

He stared at Ye Chen as if seeing through his flowing blood and capturing the blood-thirsty, brutal and wild intent.

Eyes half-closed, the elder glimpsed at Ye Chen without being noticed.

"How he has true fire?" The elder mumbled and judged that Ye Chen was unaware of the ancient Magic bloodline concealed in his body.

The searing pain from arm interrupted the elder\'s confusion.

He collected his thought and concentrated on his arm. Enveloped by the true fire, the seal of the Witchcraft spell sensed the threat and struggled.

The elder pointed at the spell with one finger and trapped the seal in his arm in case of spreading to his whole body.

After one hour, Ye Chen was sweaty.

Deeply rooted, the seal of the spell fought against the burning true fire. Long after, only a small part of the seal was destructed.

"Xuan steel and Xuan iron are not easy to get!" Ye Chen wiped out his sweat.

He regretted for asking less. The seal of the spell was much stronger than the evil thought in the mace of Xiong\'er. It would take him a long time to clear it.

Ye Chen found the process strenuous, and the elder placed his palm on his shoulder gently, transfusing torrents of vital energy into Ye Chen\'s body.

He revitalized.

"The spell is linked by patterns. Little friend, you just need to destroy one pattern of the spell. And I can break it."


Ye Chen nodded and inhaled deeply. The flame of his true fire leapt up instantly.

Breathless and out of strength for the first time, he collected away the true fire six hours later.

The patterns disorganized and the spell became dim.

The elder, a master hand, drew two fingers close to each other, pressed them against his arm and moved them downward from shoulder, forcing the spell out.

Ye Chen did not disturb him, but quitted the garden quietly.

He took out the storage bag given by the elder after returning to the hall, and cast a look inside in astonishment.

"Five…five hundred thousand." He swallowed a mouthful of slaver.

"Well off!" Ye Chen flicked his tongue, and his heart thumped. The amount of the spirit stones went far beyond his expectation.


A brief note was found in the bag except the spirit stones.