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"Sit down, please!" The old man laughed. Albeit a super master, he was not arrogant but like a grandfather.

"May I know what you ask me to come here for?" Ye Chen gazed at him in confusion.

"Ask you to do me a favor."

"Ask me to do you a favor?" Ye Chen was astounded. How could the Tian Xuan Clan turned him for help.

"Technically, ask your true fire to do me a favor." The elder flicked a profound look at Ye Chen.

He frowned at the words. No one knew about his true fire except Xiong\'er. The secret was buried deeply, but dug out by the elder.

The old man grinned when seeing Ye Chen alarmed, "Don\'t worry, just ask you to help."

What could Ye Chen do now? He, a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage, had no other choice here. The elder did not harm Ye Chen but was kind to him.

"Of course, I\'ll pay for that. You can tell me anything you want." The elder uttered.

At this moment, Ye Chen did not need to pretend any longer, and put forward his request.

Taking a deep breath, he coughed and stroked his nose tip, "I want money."

He came to the market for Xuan steel and Xuan iron, however, the iron staff cost all of his spirit stones. Poor, he owed Xiong\'er three hundred thousand.

But Ye Chen did not tell the elder how much money he wanted.

First, he did not know the exact amount that he should ask for.

Second, whether to reward Ye Chen or not and how many spirit stones should be given were all up to the elder.

The old man held a cup, sipped some tea and turned to silent Ye Chen, "That\'s all? "

Ye Chen laughed and nodded.

The elder grinned, took out a storage bag and passed it to him.

"Thank you, sect elder." Ye Chen hurried to take it but did not dare to check. Whatever the content in the storage bag was, he had no courage to ask more.

"Let\'s start!"

"Alright." Ye Chen collected the Xuan iron and Xuan steel into his storage bag.

The elder rolled up his sleeves and exposed his arm.

Ye Chen frowned at the elder\'s black arm and a vaguely seen eerie scripture on its surface.

"What\'s this?" Ye Chen looked up at the elder.

"Witchcraft spell."

"Witchcraft spell?" The name reminded Ye Chen of some paragraphs read in the Books Pavilion of the Zhengyang Sect several years ago.

Witchcraft spell, the most viperous seal, was applied by the legendary Witchcraft Clan. The person sealed by the spell would be consumed by it if the spell was not curbed or removed.

"The fabulous witchcraft spell does exist!" Astounded, Ye Chen could not imagine such a seal lay in the body of the old man in purple. He was a high-leveled cultivator.

"Sect elder, my true fire really helps you control the spell?" Ye Chen lost confidence when knowing the power of it.

"Common true fire may not. But yours perhaps works."

Ye Chen startled and looked at the elder, "True fire has the difference between weak and strong?"