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"What a strange sword it is." Ye Chen murmured, and talked to himself that the heavy sword was a perfect weapon to hit people but not to chop them.

"I will take this one." Ye Chen shouldered the iron sword and left the pavilion.


Standing not far away from Ye Chen, Zhou Dafu disdained his option, "Little boy, you are too slim to carry the sword. Why do you choose it?"


Ye Chen came to Zhou Dafu and loosened his grip. The heavy iron sword fell on the ground and its half body inserted into soil slantingly.

"Sect elder, do you know the origin of the sword?" Ye Chen asked, pointing at Tianque Sword, "It is so heavy!"

"Uh!" Pinching his moustache, Zhou Dafu contemplated for a while and responded, "It was here when I took over the Spirit Tools Pavilion. It has stayed in the pavilion for more than a hundred years. I have no idea about its origin."

"So it is!"

"I persuade you to change another one. The iron sword is much heavier than a normal one. You can choose a lighter weapon."

"There is no need to change anymore." Ye Chen smiled. He patted the sword and hardly tore himself away from it.

"Stubborn boy, just carry it away!"

"Thank you, sect elder." Ye Chen bowed to Zhou Dafu respectfully again and left the Spirit Tools Pavilion with the sword on his shoulder.

Upon reaching the gate, he found that the disciples passing by cast surprising looks at him. They glanced at Ye Chen and his sword, pointing at him.

"Who is the guy? We have never seen him before. Is he a new intern disciple?"

"The sword he shoulders is Tianque sword!"

"It may be the sword. How great his strength is. But his cultivation base is poor, and he is not in the right head."

Ignoring those discussions, Ye Chen thought that Tianque Sword was not normal. He preferred this one to other low-level spirit tools. Shouldering it every day could boost his cultivation.

"Um? They are the disciples from Zhengyang Sect." With a whisper from someone unknown, people around all looked up at the sky.

There, a giant sword flew in the sky, on which stood three people, a beautiful middle-aged lady, a pretty young girl and a handsome teenager.

Someone asked doubtedly, "What do the disciples from Zhengyang Sect come to our Hengyue Sect for?"

"There will be a large competition among Zhengyang, Qingyun and Hengyue Sects in three months. They come to negotiate the competition."

"The female disciple is as beautiful as a fairy."

None of the discussions came to Ye Chen\'s ears. He looked up at the sky, and to be more precisely, his eyes were fixed on the pretty girl standing on the sword. With her dress floating, the girl looked like an innocent fairy descending from the heavens.

She is Ji Ningshuang from Zhengyang Sect.

"Unexpectedly, we meet each other so soon." Ye Chen murmured. A complicated and indifferent look arouse in his eyes, "I will go back and revenge one day."

Perhaps having sensed someone watching at her, Ji Ningshuang standing on the flying sword looked down, but Ye Chen had already disappeared in the crowd.

"What a familiar feeling it is!" Ji Ningshuang whispered.

"Junior sister Ji, what is the matter?"