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Chapter 2605: Second Brother Pursuing His Wife (6)

Soon, the call went through.

Song Yuling had recently sucked up to a rich lady and was proud of it. She dreamed of entering the upper-class rich lady circle soon.

Even if she was the most lowly one in the circle of rich ladies, as long as she could enter, her status would advance by more than one level.

“Mrs Wang, are you asking me to go shopping or do skin care?” Song Yuling’s voice was filled with flattery.

Mrs Wang snorted. Thinking that she had almost offended the Queen, she was not in the mood to beat around the bush with Song Yuling. “You said that Ning Yuan is your niece?”

Song Yuling did not expect Mrs Wang to mention Ning Yuan. She was stunned for a few seconds before she reacted and said, “Yes, she stayed with us when she was in her teens. She’s a born vixen!”

Mrs Wang naturally did not believe Song Yuling’s words. The Queen looked like she liked Ning Yuan so much, so she naturally knew her background, character and morals. If she was really as bad as Song Yuling said, she would not even be able to enter Crown Palace.

“Miss Song, I advise you not to badmouth Miss Ning anymore. You can’t afford to offend her. Okay, that’s it. Don’t contact me again!”

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Mrs Wang hung up.

When Song Yuling called again, the other party had already blocked her.

Song Yuling did not know what had happened.

Why did he block her out of the blue?

Did that b*tch Ning Yuan say something to Mrs Wang that made Mrs Wang misunderstand her?

Song Yuling was so angry that her chest heaved up and down. She had finally managed to curry favor with Mrs Wang and was about to enter the circle of rich ladies, but it was ruined by that vixen, Ning Yuan.

The more Song Yuling thought about it, the angrier she got. Ning Yuan was originally her kite, but ever since he left her control, she had never taken her aunt seriously!

If she did not let her have it easy, she would not let her have it easy either!

That day, Song Yuling found a verified account on Weibo and sent the information of Ning Yuan’s family history.

That night, the news of Ning Yuan having a family history of mental illness was exposed.

At the same time, there was also news that Ning Yuan had resigned from the Capital Television Station because she had been financially supported by a financier. She was a materialistic woman!

The moment the post came out, it caused a huge commotion.

Many haters and haters scolded Ning Yuan.

“I’m really afraid of those colleagues who work with her!”

“That man who financially supported her is really bold. Isn’t he afraid that she will stab him in the chest?”

“There’s a person with a family history of mental illness next door who almost killed his wife and son after falling ill.”

“I heard that Anchor Ning’s father has this illness. God, it’s better to go to the mental hospital earlier!”

When Song Yuling saw the attacks on Ning Yuan online, she could not help but smile.

But before she could smile, the door was pushed open by Ning Shiyu.

“Mom, did you spread the news online?”

Looking at the fierce Ning Shiyu, Song Yuling frowned. “Child, how can you talk to me like that?”

“Mom, will you only be satisfied if you kill Dad and me? I fought with Ning Yuan for a few rounds and lost. How dare you provoke her?”

Song Yuling was furious. “Did I provoke her first? She spoke ill of me in front of Mrs Wang. In order to please Mrs Wang, I spent a lot of money and energy. She managed to get Mrs Wang to block me with just a few words. I naturally have to let her have a taste of being framed!”