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Chapter 1532: He Betrayed Her!

In order to capture Ling Motian’s heart, Dai Na had dressed herself up carefully before she went to meet him.

Hot red lips and a sexy dress.

When Ling Motian was having an affair with her, he had said that he liked her charm and seductiveness. That was something Ling Hui did not have.

Dai Na could not help but think of Ling Hui’s beautiful and eye-catching face. If Ling Hui had a third of her initiative, she would not have gotten to where he was today!

At seven o’clock in the evening.

Dai Na arrived at the entrance of the presidential suite where the two of them usually dated.

She swiped the room card and walked in.

In the quiet air, there was a faint perfume smell.

Dai Na turned on the lights in the living room and saw that there were women’s high heels and pretty dresses scattered from the sofa to the bedroom…

Dai Na’s expression changed.

She strode toward the bedroom.

The door was not closed tightly. Through the gap, she saw a man standing in front of the bed. There was even a woman…

The lights in the room were turned on and the man’s side profile was handsome and cold.

Who else could it be but Ling Motian?

Dai Na’s fingers dug into her palms as she widened her eyes in disbelief.

Just as she was about to let out a shout, the woman on the bed spoke, “CEO Ling, didn’t you arrange to meet Dai Na at seven o’clock? I’m afraid that she will see us…”

“She’s always half an hour late.”

Dai Na could not stand it anymore. She was not the type to settle things peacefully. The anger within her erupted like lava and she pushed the bedroom door open with all her strength, walking in with a dark expression.

“Ling Motian!”

When the woman on the bed saw Dai Na coming over, she screamed in fear. She hugged the man with both hands and said softly, “CEO Ling, Dai Na arrived on time. I’m so scared…”

The man patted the woman’s back. “Go to the bathroom first.”

Dai Na walked forward, wanting to tear the woman’s face apart. But before she could touch her, the man pushed her away.

“She’s my new lover. Don’t touch her!”

Dai Na stared in disbelief at Ling Motian, who had pushed her away. Her pupils constricted. Although she did not love Ling Motian, they had been having an affair for two years. They had some feelings for each other no matter what.

Besides, he had once said that he would not touch other women if he was with her!

“If you hand her over, I won’t pursue what happened tonight. If not…” Dai Na was so angry that she was trembling, and her eyes were red and sharp.” You know my temper!”

She was threatening Ling Motian. After all, she was Dai Na. If he offended her, he would not have it easy even if he was the head of the corporation!

The man seemed unmoved. “I asked you to come today to end this unusual relationship.”


Dai Na gritted her teeth and glared at the expressionless man who seemed to have no feelings for her. “Do you think it will end just like that? Ling Motian, we’re in the same boat now. It’s not that easy to end it!”

She had already lost Ye Qing and the video of her and Ling Motian in bed was known by everyone. It would not be easy for her to marry into a good family in the future!

She had to catch Ling Motian and find a way to marry into the Ling family!

“Dai Na, you don’t think that I will really divorce Ling Hui and marry you, do you?” The man revealed a mocking and cold smile. “Although Ling Hui’s family is in dire straits now, the aura she has is something you cannot compare to.”

The man’s words pierced Dai Na’s heart ruthlessly.

After her father succeeded in his position, many socialites compared her to Ling Hui in private.

Ling Hui had grown up in the royal family and her every move was like that of a princess. As for her, no matter how she tried to learn from Ling Hui, she would always be laughed at for being a phoenix that flew into the sky.

Dai Na clenched her fists tightly, her knuckles turning white. Those who knew her would know that her emotions had reached a critical point and were about to explode.

“Dai Na, save some face for yourself so that we can part peacefully!”

Dai Na’s expression changed again and again. She glared angrily at the man whose expression was cold and indifferent. She felt embarrassed and angry at the same time. Her fingers pointed at his nose with trembling fingers. “You actually think that Ling Hui is better than me?” As if she could not stand such a blow, her eyes were red like a trapped beast, looking ferocious and terrifying. “You even told me yesterday that in order to make us look innocent, you found a prostitute and drugged Ling Hui so that reporters could take photos of their affair!”

The man raised his eyebrows, looking like he had said something.

Dai Na was already in a fit of anger and could not think too deeply. “Although the plan failed yesterday, Ling Hui will never forgive you for what you did to her! Who can accept a husband cheating on her with her cousin, and her husband sending her to a prostitute’s bed to ruin her life?”

“Even if you still want to keep Ling Hui by your side, it’s impossible for her to accept you. At this point, I might as well tell you the truth. Back then, Ling Hui was not tainted at all. She had always been innocent and although there was no membrane when the gynecologist examined her, she was still clean and had never had that kind of relationship with a man!”

“You were so suspicious and thought that Ling Hui was unclean. You believed me even when I tried to sow discord.” As Dai Na spoke, she laughed out loud. “Do you know why I kept pestering Ye Qing? Even though I knew that he thought of that fishing village girl and didn’t love me at all, I didn’t want to let go because I can’t marry worse than Ling Hui. I want to find someone better than Ling Hui’s husband!”

“Ling Motian, you have to understand one thing. I’m Dai Na. I can only dump you, but you can’t dump me. If you don’t listen to me, I’ll announce all the ugly things you did to Ling Hui!”

At the top floor of the Ling Corporation.

Ling Motian was having a meeting in the conference room when his secretary suddenly rushed in.

“CEO Ling, something bad has happened!”

In the past few days, Ling Motian had been extremely busy, especially because his plan from yesterday had been ruined by a few unknown people, and he still couldn’t contact Ling Hui. He had been troubled the entire day.

Ling Motian glanced at the secretary with a dark expression. “What is it?”

The secretary passed the phone to Ling Motian. “You and Dai Na are trending again.”

Ling Motian frowned. He took the phone and told the people in the conference room that the meeting would be paused before he got up and left.

When they arrived at the office, Ling Motian opened a voice message on the trending topic.

Dai Na’s voice could be heard. “You even told me yesterday that in order to make us look innocent, you found a prostitute and drugged Ling Hui so that reporters could take photos of their affair!”

When Ling Motian heard this, his temples started to throb. However, what Dai Na exposed next made him even more furious.