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Chapter 1527: I’m Sorry, I Can Only Love You

The plane flew into the clouds.

Ye Qing sat by the window, looking at the blue sky and white clouds outside, his heart feeling empty.

His dark eyes were completely dark.

The uniquely designed ring on her finger kept appearing in his mind.

Endless panic and discomfort surged from his heart to his limbs.

He had never been a clingy person. If she really got married and became a legal couple with another man, he could only let go and fulfill her wish…

However, at the thought of her getting married, his heart felt like it had been dug out.

That year, she must have felt the same seeing him getting engaged to Dai Na!

He clenched his fists and pressed them against his aching chest.

His well-defined face was tense and his dark eyes were bloodshot.

When he thought of the memories from the fishing village, he regretted everything, blamed himself, and felt guilty… All kinds of emotions made him feel suffocated. However, he had always believed that she had not been separated from him.

One day, he would find her.

It had been two years and he had finally found her. He had thought that she would return to his side after he apologized and made a promise to her.

After all, she loved her Brother Ah Dai deeply.

In the past, she could not bear to let him suffer in the slightest bit and protected him in every way. She could even give up her life for him!

He knew that she would not forgive him in a short period of time, but he thought that as time passed and he showed his sincerity, her heart would slowly soften.

In the end, she told him that she was getting married!

But how could he blame her? It was all his own fault.

He had used his cruelty and coldness to kill all of her love for him. She had been in despair and had lost all hope, and had even been willing to risk her life to bid him farewell!

How could she turn back so easily?

Not every relationship would have a good ending. If one missed his opportunity, there could be no turning back.

Ye Qing closed his red eyes, a self-deprecating smile appearing deep in his throat.

Ye Qing, oh Ye Qing, you pushed away the woman who loved you the most!

You reap what you sow!

The atmosphere on the plane was tense.

Little Gugu was talking to Mi Xiu, but when he looked up, he realized that something was wrong with his father.

His handsome face was tensed and he looked like he was in extreme pain. His pursed lips were pale and the hand on his knee was clenched into a fist, and the vein on the back of his hand was twitching.

Little Gugu blinked his big black eyes and looked at the head secretary in confusion. “Is my father swollen?”

The head secretary said softly, “He’s been like this since he spoke to Miss Vivian alone.”

Although Little Gugu was usually playful and liked to go against the big tyrant, he had been brought up by the big tyrant and his feelings for him were deeper than anyone else.

In his heart, the great tyrant was an invincible King Kong.

He did not want to see him sad.

Little Gugu took out his phone and secretly took a photo.

He sent it to Vivian’s WeChat, then took his phone to the washroom and sent a voice message.

“Vivian, look at my father, is he about to cry? I’ve never seen him like this. He’s so pitiful, isn’t he?”

“Vivian, it’s not easy for my father either. He was the one who raised me. Although I hate him sometimes, I still love him very much. Vivian, can you love my father with me?”

On the way back, Gu Meng was sitting in the back of the taxi. The window was wide open and the wind blew in from outside, her hair blowing up and blocking her sight.

A WeChat notification suddenly sounded. She pushed her hair behind her ear, took out her phone, and opened WeChat.

Seeing the photo sent by Little Gugu, Gu Meng’s heart that had hardened suddenly felt like it had been hit by something.

Ye Qing, what a proud man he was. Such an expression should not appear on his face!

Gu Meng clicked on the voice message sent by Little Gugu.

Hearing this, her eyes filled with tears.

Why had it become like this? When she had been tired, in despair, and had no way of turning back, he had suddenly remembered everything?

She closed her eyes gently, suppressing the trembling in her heart that she should not have felt.

When she opened her eyes again, calmness had returned to her eyes.

She stared at the photo sent by Little Gugu for a long time before she put her fingertips on the photo. In the end, she decided to delete it.

She replied Little Gugu, “I’m sorry, I can only love you, not your father.”

After listening to the voice message from Vivian, Little Gugu sat on the toilet, holding his fair and handsome face and sighing.

A minute later, he came out of the washroom and walked to the tyrant’s side. His small body climbed onto his lap and hugged his neck, taking the initiative to kiss his cold face.

The moment the wet, soft, and slightly fragrant touch fell, Ye Qing regained his senses from the pain and regret he had felt earlier.

When he saw Little Gugu sitting on his lap with his arms around his neck, his black eyes narrowed. “I told you before that you have to buckle your seatbelt when you’re on a plane and return to your seat.”

Little Gugu blinked his big and wet eyes, and said in a childish voice, “Daddy, don’t be sad. Even if Vivian doesn’t like you, you still have me, this little devil. I will always be with you.”

Ye Qing wanted to carry Little Gugu down, but his hand reached out halfway and pressed him into his arms again, his large palm patting his head. “Brat, just don’t make me angry in the future.”

As for Gu Meng, he would not really let go if she was not married!

Over in Country Y, Dai Na held a press conference while Ye Qing was on his way back.

Nearly thirty to forty media companies, both domestic and international, had come to broadcast this press conference live.

Dai Na had not put on any makeup today. She had cried for the past two days. Her eyes were red and swollen and her face was pale. She looked haggard and pitiful.

As soon as the press conference started, Dai Na’s tears fell. “There were originally some things that I didn’t want to publicize. Even though I was hurt, I chose to bear it silently. But I didn’t think that he would use such a method to deal with me, wanting to ruin my life!”

The reporters were all smart people and immediately felt that something was wrong.

Could there be another story behind Dai Na’s affair with Ling Motian?

Dai Na wiped her tears and looked at the camera. Her lips were trembling, looking innocent and pitiful. “I don’t want to lie to everyone anymore. Actually, the Third Prince of Country S betrayed our marriage long ago. In his heart, I’m just a marriage partner and he was tied to me for his own benefits. But privately, he found another woman and even let another woman give birth to a son for him!”

“At first, I didn’t know that he had secretly kept a woman and had even gotten that woman pregnant. I thought that he was devoted to me. It was only when I found out that he had a pregnant woman in his house that I found out that I had been deceived!”