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Chapter 1525: Let’s Get Married!

Ye Qing felt his breath hitch.

She had always been cold and distant in front of him, but she was nervous and bothered because of another man.

She didn’t want to be seen by another man and didn’t want another man to be hurt?

He had thought that having a fiancé was just a lie she had made up to reject him.

He had never thought that she really had another man!

From her protectiveness and care for that man, it meant that that man had a place in her heart.

Gu Meng acted like she did not see the hurt expression in Ye Qing’s eyes. She turned around and closed the bathroom door.

Ye Qing leaned against the bathroom wall, his dark eyes staring at the mirror on the sink.

The man in the mirror had his handsome face tensed, his lips pursed into a thin line, and his dark eyes were bloodshot, exuding a terrifying coldness.

What had he become now?

A third party?

But how could he blame her?

Back then, he had also put her in such an awkward and shameless situation!

Ye Qing closed his eyes, the suffocating feeling spreading from his heart making him unable to breathe.

He deeply understood how desperate and painful it must have been for her to stay by his side two years ago, to not get a status, to not get any emotional response, and to watch him and Dai Na get engaged.

Ye Qing clenched his fists and punched the wall.

After Gu Meng tidied herself up, she opened the door.

Fu Cheng, who was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and dark jeans, stood at the door with a bouquet in one hand and a luggage bag in the other.

Seeing Gu Meng showing her face with a faint shadow under her eyes, concern appeared in Fu Cheng’s eyes. “Did you have insomnia again? I shouldn’t have come so early.”

Seeing the concern in Fu Cheng’s eyes, Gu Meng felt extremely guilty.

She took the flowers from him. “I woke up before you rang the doorbell. Why didn’t you go to the hotel to rest first?”

“I came to make breakfast for you.”

Gu Meng’s eyes watered. “Brother Fu, don’t be so good to me. I’m not worth it…”

Fu Cheng rubbed Gu Meng’s hair and a smile appeared on his bright face. “No, you’re worth it.”

He carried his luggage into the apartment and glanced at the kitchen. “You haven’t had breakfast yet, right? Go change your clothes. I’ll make you something to eat.”

Gu Meng thought of Ye Qing, who was still in the bathroom, and felt a little guilty. “Brother Fu, why don’t we eat outside?”

“How can home-cooked food compare to what you get outside? It’ll be done very soon. Go and change first.”

Gu Meng nodded. “…Alright.”

Fu Cheng rolled up his sleeves and went into the kitchen. Gu Meng stood by the door and watched him for a while. She was about to go to the bedroom when she heard a phone vibrating.

It seemed to be Brother Fu’s.

Gu Meng took out his phone from his luggage bag. When she got up, she accidentally dropped the bag on the floor.

Several items fell out of her bag, one of which was a bottle of medicine.

Gu Meng picked up the things that had dropped and put them back into the bag. When she put the medicine in, she frowned.

What medicine was this?

After memorizing the name of the medicine, Gu Meng took Fu Cheng’s phone and passed it to him. “Brother Fu, your phone.”

As Fu Cheng answered the call, Gu Meng returned to the bedroom.

She opened the bathroom door to find that the man inside was gone.

She went to the bedroom again and found that the window was wide open. She walked over and saw that the man had used a zipline to get downstairs.

She did not know if he had noticed her gaze, but he looked up at her.

But very quickly, he looked away and got into the car.

After his car left the district, Gu Meng received a message from him. “I’ll wait for you at the hotel entrance with Little Gugu at two in the afternoon.”

Gu Meng stared at the message for a long time.

Then, she opened the search engine and entered the name of the medicine.

Realizing that the medicine was used to treat stomach cancer, Gu Meng’s mind went blank.

Her fingers holding the phone trembled uncontrollably.

How could this happen?

After making breakfast, Fu Cheng came over to call Gu Meng. “What’s wrong? You don’t look too good.”

Gu Meng’s thick and curly eyelashes fluttered and she slowly raised her red eyes, saying hoarsely, “Brother Fu, I saw a bottle of medicine in your bag. That’s not yours, right?”

Hearing this, Fu Cheng froze.

Faced with Gu Meng’s questioning gaze, he avoided her eyes. “Of course, it’s not mine. I’m in such good health. I brought it for a friend.”

“Which friend?”

“You don’t know him.”

“Can it be cured?”


“How much longer do you have?”

Fu Cheng still did not answer.

Gu Meng stood up from the bed and glared at him with red eyes. “Tell me! Don’t hide it from me. Don’t think that this is for my own good!”

Two years ago, when she had jumped down from the highway, the Queen had arranged for her and Fu Cheng to leave. When she met him, she had known that Fu Cheng was already seriously injured. It was not something that could recover after treatment. He had lost a leg.

Now, he needed to wear a prosthetic leg to walk.

This was also one of the reasons she was unwilling to go back and be with Ye Qing.

Because her relationship had ruined Fu Cheng’s life.

Although he had repeatedly said that she did not need to feel guilty or force herself to repay his kindness, she could not do it.

She had regretted countless times about calling Fu Cheng. If she hadn’t done so, she wouldn’t have ruined his life!

However, there was no way of turning back time.

She could not change the past, so she could only look forward!

Gu Meng grabbed Fu Cheng’s hand and looked at him with red eyes. “Brother Fu, let’s get married!”

On the way back to the hotel, Ye Qing received a call from Dai Na.

The scandal of having an affair had been covered up by the President and the Ling Corporation.

Although the Country Y’s media did not dare to report it again, the scandal had already spread to international media and many other countries had reported about it.

The moment the call connected, Dai Na’s furious questioning voice trailed over. “Ye Qing, did you send someone to secretly take a video of me and Brother Motian being together? If you didn’t want to marry me, you could have told me directly. Why did you have to use such a cruel method to destroy me?”

“Princess, someone tampered with the brakes of Fu Cheng’s car back then. I wonder if you still remember this?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I remember that the Princess had a secret guard by her side, but after Fu Cheng’s car accident, that secret guard disappeared. Someone silenced him to prevent others from finding evidence. Princess, in terms of methods and insidiousness, no one can compare to you.”

Dai Na laughed coldly. “Ye Qing, don’t blame me for not being able to control a woman. You and Ling Hui teamed up to destroy Brother Motian and me. I won’t let you have your way. After all, before we annulled our engagement, it wasn’t me who cheated first, but you! Isn’t your illegitimate son already more than two years old?”

Before Ye Qing could say anything, Dai Na hung up first.

Ye Qing’s eyes darkened, his expression cold.

Ever since he had Little Gugu, what he hated the most was people calling Little Gugu was his illegitimate child.

It was time to announce Little Gugu’s identity!