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Chapter 1523: Pushing Away

After drinking, Gu Meng felt a little dizzy.

The man’s thin and strong lips suddenly pressed against hers.

Gu Meng widened her eyes slightly.

She tried hard to see who was kissing her, but the shadows overlapped.

She could not tell if it was reality or a dream.

Gu Meng put her hands on the man’s shoulders and pushed him away.

She touched her forehead and walked towards the bathroom. She turned on the shower and let the cold water fall on her head. She seemed to have sobered up a little. She wiped the water droplets on her face and looked toward the door.

The man she had pushed away was walking toward her.

Gu Meng’s pupils constricted slightly. “Ye Qing…”

So, it wasn’t a dream.

No matter how much she hated him, she still called his name when she was drunk.

Whether it was Ye Qing or Ah Dai, they were both imprinted deep into her soul. Regardless of whether she was willing, he was an existence that she could not forget for the rest of her life.

It was late at night.

The pale moonlight shone into the room and Gu Meng had already fallen asleep, but Ye Qing was not sleepy at all.

She was covered with a silk blanket, her slender arms exposed.

He pulled her arm under the blanket and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his arms.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead softly. “Good night, Xiaomeng.”

The next day.

Gu Meng woke up with a splitting headache.

Looking around, she found that she was in an apartment, not a hotel room. She sat up and tried to recall what had happened last night.

Before she could recall anything, the bathroom door was suddenly pulled open.

A tall figure walked out. The man was wearing only a pair of black pants and no belt. His exposed eight pack was well-defined and his muscular chest was firm, without any excess fat. He had just taken a bath and there were still water droplets on his soft black hair.

“You’re awake?” His dark and narrow eyes looked at her nervously.

He had thought that she would make a fuss and throw a tantrum after waking up. Whether she scolded him or hit him, he planned to bear with it. However, he had not expected her to only stare at him for a few seconds before she said calmly, “I didn’t think that the Third Prince would do such a shameless thing when someone is drunk. I can’t remember the process, but I’ll treat it as being bitten by a dog!”

Her words were definitely more aggressive than making a ruckus!

She was stabbing his heart!

The soft rays of the morning sun shone in and landed on the man’s handsome and cold face. He looked at her, his gaze changing several times.

The two of them stared at each other for a while before he broke the silence first. “I’m responsible for what happened last night.”

Hearing that he was going to be responsible for her, there was no joy or emotion in Gu Meng’s eyes. There was only ridicule and indifference. “Should I be grateful? Did I finally hear the word ‘responsible’ from the noble Third Prince?” When she said this, she seemed to have thought of something and laughed softly. “I’m not a pet dog that you can call me and wave me around as you please. I’m just an ordinary woman and only want to live a peaceful life. I don’t want to be involved in your world anymore. If you still have any guilt towards me, please stop pestering me.”

Countless emotions appeared in Ye Qing’s depthless dark eyes. In this moment, his heart tightened and he could not help but wonder if she had felt the same way when faced with his cold love two years ago?

“You don’t want me anymore. How about Little Gugu? Don’t you want to live with him? Don’t you want him to call you ‘Mommy’ every day?”