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Chapter 1522: Embarrassed

Apart from the video of them meeting secretly in the garden, another video appeared.

The video at the end of the video was of the couple having sex in the banquet hall, as well as being questioned by the guests, and then the President and his wife getting a substitute to replace them.

The video had perfectly encapsulated the events in the banquet hall that night.

Initially, the netizens were still confused when they saw the first video, but when they saw the later video, they immediately understood what was going on. It turned out that Princess Dai Na had had an affair with the tycoon, Ling Motian, and had even tried to make Dai Na’s substitute take the blame.

When Ling Motian saw such a video appearing on the internet, his expression turned extremely dark.

He looked back at the room.

Ling Hui was gone and the window was wide open.

Ling Motian walked quickly to the window. The delicate flowers in the garden downstairs were slightly crushed.

Dai Na also hurried over and glanced downstairs. “Did Ling Hui do this?”

Ling Motian remained silent as he glanced at the watch he had broken.

He remembered that watches had the ability to send videos.

She had followed him up to stall for time so that those videos could be successfully uploaded online!

“Brother Motian, what should we do now?” Blood drained from Dai Na’s face. She had thought that this matter had already been resolved, but she had not expected it to turn around.

There was a lot of scolding online now.

She and Ling Mo had become adulterers, and Ye Qing and Ling Hui became the targets of sympathy.

Not only was the Ling Corporation affected, but the President and his wife’s reputation and prestige were also affected.

Ling Tianmo picked up the broken watch on the floor, his face tensed as he said coldly, “Emergency public relations.”

Ling Motian strode away.

Dai Na fell to the ground, not daring to look at her phone. She was in a daze.

The President walked in with a dark expression and slapped Dai Na’s face heavily. “I listen to you no matter how you fool around usually, but this time, it’s really too much. You’ve utterly embarrassed me. Also, the royal family of Country S already knows about you. The Queen personally called and will not let Ye Qing marry a princess consort like you!”

Dai Na’s eyes widened and she hugged the President’s legs, her tears falling. “Daddy, I know I’m wrong. You have to help me this time. I can’t lose Brother Ye Qing…”

The President shook off Dai Na’s hands and left with a dark expression.

In a luxurious and dark bar.

Gu Meng and Ling Hui sat in front of the bar counter. Ling Hui had drunk a lot of wine and her beautiful eyes were slightly dazed. She swirled the liquid in the glass. It seemed as if she was talking to Gu Meng, but it also seemed like she was talking to herself. “After my father fell into a vegetative state, my mother was facing jail time. It was Ling Motian who came forward, so my mother didn’t go to jail. Not long after that, I was kidnapped again and almost got raped. At that time, a few men drugged me, covered my eyes and took off my clothes. Their hands touched my body and in my despair, a man suddenly appeared and saved me from the kidnappers.”

“I wasn’t too conscious then, but I vaguely remembered that I couldn’t withstand the drug and wanted to be with him. However, he didn’t touch me and threw me into the lake instead.”

“When I woke up, Ling Motian was by my side. He said that he wanted to take care of me for the rest of my life.”

“I was touched at that time. I had lived a luxurious life since I was young, but ever since my father’s accident, I experienced all the coldness in the world. Ling Motian’s appearance was like a ray of light, making me, who had been pushed into the darkness by reality, want to grab onto this ray of light.”

“It’s just that I didn’t expect that he would have gotten a gynecologist to examine me on the day I registered my marriage with him. When he found out that my hymen was gone, he suddenly seemed to have become a different person.”

“It’s not always the case that a man has broken a girl’s hymen if it’s gone. But Ling Motian always thought that I had been violated before he saved me.”

Hearing Ling Hui’s words, Gu Meng’s heart was heavy.

She drank a lot with Ling Hui.

The two of them were a little drunk when they came out of the bar.

Gu Meng took out her phone and called for a taxi.

The two of them stood by the roadside and not long after, a black car stopped in front of them.

Gu Meng narrowed her eyes, wanting to see the license plate clearly when a tall figure got out of the car.

The man opened the car door for them. “Get in.”

The man’s voice was deep and Gu Meng felt that it was familiar, but she could not remember where she had heard it before.

Ye Qing offered the back seat to the two women. He sat in the front passenger seat and instructed the head secretary to drive the car to the hotel.

When they arrived at the hotel, Ye Qing asked the head secretary to reserve a room and to send Ling Hui up to rest while he helped Gu Meng out of the car.

It had been a long time since Gu Meng had drunk so much wine and her stomach was churning.

Her slender eyebrows were furrowed tightly and her lips were pursed tightly, looking a little pitiful.

Entering the elevator, Gu Meng looked up at the person beside her and found that it was not Ling Hui, but a man with a blurry face. She frowned. “Who are you? Don’t touch me!”

In the moment the elevator door closed, Gu Meng ran out.

When Ye Qing came out of the elevator, Gu Meng was already at the hotel entrance.

Her stomach was terribly upset. She stood in front of the rubbish bin, wanting to vomit but could not.

Ye Qing had just touched her shoulder when she clenched her fist and punched him in the face.

He had been caught off guard!

Ye Qing took a few steps back from her punch.

She was drunk and had not controlled her strength. When she swung her fist over, Ye Qing felt half of his face turn numb and the taste of blood gushing out from his mouth.

He walked in front of her again, his well-defined fingers pinching her chin, making her open her mouth. His fingertips pressed against the tip of her tongue, forcing her to spit out the wine she had drunk tonight.

After she threw up, he took a bottle of mineral water from the car.

She took the water and rinsed her mouth before she felt better.

Raising her long eyelashes and looking at the man whose face was swollen, Gu Meng thought she was hallucinating. “Why is it you? Where’s Sister Ling Hui?”

“I asked the secretary to send her to the hotel to rest.”

Gu Meng massaged her forehead that was about to split open. “Thank you. I’ll go back first.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her body flew into the air.

By the time she reacted, the man had already carried her to the front passenger seat and helped her buckle her seatbelt.

When the car arrived at the apartment building, she fell asleep in a daze.

She felt as though she had been carried out of the car. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids were too heavy.

Ye Qing carried her to the apartment and placed her on the soft bed. He got up and went to the bathroom to get a towel. When he returned to the bedroom from the bathroom and saw the scene on the bed, all of the blood in his body gathered and surged towards his abdomen.

The woman on the bed had opened the zipper of her gown, revealing a large area of her smooth skin and full curves.

“Take a bath. I want to take a bath…” Gu Meng felt sticky all over and felt extremely uncomfortable. She kicked off her gown and staggered towards the bathroom.

She had just reached the door when her wrist was grabbed by the man and she was pushed against the wall.

The man’s kiss fell like a storm.