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Chapter 1521: She’s Not Easy to Bully!

Ling Motian frowned slightly, his eyes looking at Ling Hui were filled with an unnoticeable darkness.

He walked in front of Ling Hui again and grabbed her slender wrist. “Did you drink too much? It’s the President’s wife’s birthday party today. Don’t cause trouble here!”

Causing trouble?

Ling Hui felt indescribable stuffiness in her heart. He had not have such an attitude when he had proposed to her back then!

It was only today that she finally saw clearly that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He was ruthless and cold-blooded.

Of course, he was also despicable and shameless. He was clearly having an affair with Dai Na, but he could still push the blame to the substitute without any shame.

“Everyone, my wife is drunk. I’ll send her back first.” Ling Motian tightened his grip on Ling Hui’s wrist, his grip so strong it almost broke her bones.

The more painful it was, the more charming the smile on Ling Hui’s face became. She stood on the spot, unwilling to leave with Ling Motian. “CEO Ling, what are you afraid of?”

When Ling Hui smiled, she looked like he had walked out from an old newspaper painting. Her lips were fiery red and she looked like the most beautiful flower in the world.

Ling Motian had never seen this side of Ling Hui before. In the past, she had always been bare-faced, dignified, and gentle. A typical lady from a prestigious family.

Right now, she was like a rose with thorns, beautiful but sharp.

Ling Motian was not in the mood to appreciate or understand her change. He looked at her, his gaze clearly warning her not to say anything.

Dai Na came down from the stage in a panic. Looking at Ling Hui’s charming side profile, Dai Na’s eyes were filled with tears. “Sister Ling Hui, I know that after you and your mother were chased out of the Dai family, you don’t like me and my family. However, my parents and I have always treated you as one of us. When your father got into an accident back then, we found out that your mother was the one who did it. If we didn’t treat you as family, my mother wouldn’t have allowed the daughter of a murderer to attend her birthday party tonight.”

The moment Dai Na finished speaking, there was a commotion around them.

Those comments were rather unpleasant. Ling Hui was already used to it after all these years.

She did not care about what others said since her mother had not done anything.

Pulling her wrist back from Ling Mo’s large palm, Ling Hui raised the watch on her right wrist. “I went to the back garden to take a breather earlier and didn’t expect to see a very interesting scene…”

Before Ling Hui could finish speaking, Ling Motian grabbed Ling Hui’s shoulders with a cold expression. He lowered his head and warned her coldly, “Ling Hui, no matter what you know, shut up now!”

When the President saw this, to prevent Ling Hui from having any evidence against him, he hurriedly walked over. “Motian, did the two of you have a conflict? Ling Hui saw that you brought your female secretary over and she got jealous. There’s a room upstairs, bring Ling Hui up and coax her. You’re a married couple, you can quarrel at the head of the bed but you should reconcile at the end of the bed.”

The president glanced at the Ling Tianmo.

Ling Motian hugged Ling Hui’s shoulders tightly and led her upstairs.

Gu Meng was worried that Ling Hui was in danger and wanted to follow her, but her wrist was suddenly grabbed by a dry and warm hand.

Gu Meng turned around and her heart jumped when she saw Ye Qing holding her wrist. She quickly pulled her hand back as if she had been electrocuted.

How could he be so daring? This was the banquet hall and he dared to pull her!

“Ling Hui asked you to wait for her in the car.” Ye Qing grabbed her hand again and handed her a car key.

Gu Meng looked down at Ling Hui’s car keys.

Although she had countless doubts in her heart, she held them all in. She took her car keys and left the banquet hall.

In the guest room on the second floor.

The moment he entered the room, Ling Motian pushed the woman who was wrapped around his shoulders away.

Ling Hui stumbled a few steps forward and her forehead hit a corner of the cabinet. Her skin broke and she felt a sharp pain.

A bright smile appeared on her red lips. “Are you angry from embarrassment?”

Ling Motian pursed his lips tightly and said nothing. He grabbed her wrist and pulled the watch off her wrist.

Seeing that she had indeed taken a video of him and Dai Na meeting secretly in the back garden, he threw the watch to the floor and stepped on it ruthlessly with his shiny black leather shoes.

This watch was his first gift to her.

Now that he had broken it, her heart had broken with it.

She lifted her thick and curly eyelashes and looked at the cold and solemn man in front of her. Without his gentlemanly disguise, he looked so disgusting.

Ling Hui put her hands on the cabinet behind him, a mocking look in her eyes. The exquisite earrings on her ears sparkled. “How long have you been with Dai Na?”

Ling Motian looked at Ling Hui with malicious eyes. “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t know.”

Ling Hui raised his eyebrows. “One year? Two years? Oh my god, it can’t be three to five years. You started having an affair before we got married, right?”

Ling Motian walked in front of Ling Hui and pinched her delicate chin. “Be good and listen to me. The position of Mrs Ling will always be yours.”

Ling Hui raised her chin and suddenly gave him a spat at his face.

Ling Motian was caught off guard. He did not expect the usually dignified and elegant lady to spit at his face.

Ling Motian didn’t react for a few seconds.

He took out a handkerchief and wiped his face, looking at Ling Hui with dark eyes. “Don’t challenge my patience again and again!”

“Ling Motian, I didn’t marry you because of the position of Mrs Ling, but because you have a place in my heart. After we got married, you humiliated me as much as you wanted, and I endured it. After all, without you, I might not even be in this world anymore. I tried my best to change myself to become what you like, but what did I get? You being with the woman I hate the most!”

“Do you know how I felt when I saw the video of you and Dai Na with each other on the big screen? I found it hard to believe at first, but I had a feeling that it was the truth. After the pain, I felt relieved, as if I had gotten a release.”

She used to like him, but it seemed like she did not like him as much as she thought.

“Let’s get a divorce!”

When Ling Motian heard her say the word “divorce” so easily, there seemed to be disbelief in the depths of his eyes.

He wanted to say something, but heard her say, “Of course, you adulterous couple haven’t taken me seriously, so I won’t give you any face either.”

“What do you mean?”

The moment Ling Motian finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.

“Brother Motian, open the door!”

Hearing Dai Na’s voice, Ling Motian lowered his voice and said to Ling Hui, “I will cut off my relationship with Dai Na. You’d better take back what you said just now and don’t cause any trouble for me!”

Ling Motian walked to the door and opened it.

Dai Na held onto her phone, her face pale as she said, “Brother Motian, someone just uploaded the video of us meeting in the back garden.”